Friday, April 26, 2013

Bubbles Away: Societea

Hello, lovelies~ Lately, there has been a lot of bubble tea shops in Jakarta. I've only tried a couple of them because there are a lot of them. Truth be told, I'm not a big milk tea fan, so every time I go to such places, I always ordered something that is chocolate flavored. A few weeks ago, Mr. G and I went to Pantai Indah Kapuk and tried out one of the bubble tea shops called Societea.

I am quite fond of the name because it sounds promising and high class. I mean, come on, the name is one of the best tea puns I've heard in ages, hahaha..

The front dining area looks cozy just like I was in my backyard having a warm glass of tea whilst enjoying the scenery. Well, that was a bit dramatic, but I find the atmosphere to be quite relaxing and laid back.

The one decor that I especially like is the framed pictures of letters that spells Societea. I particularly like these letters below. I wish I had it in my bedroom, hung from the walls in a smaller frame size. ^_^

Another decor that captured my attention was the potted flowers and plants. It makes my eye relaxed as I looked at it. Also, the pots has the logo of Societea. It's just cute!

Since Mr. G and I didn't dine there, I didn't look at their food options. I chose Chocoladey Oreo and Mr. G chose Taro Totoro. These drinks are our default drink whenever we go to a bubble tea shop. Probably because I wanted to make sure that I like the chocolate drinks enough to come back here again. 

We didn't really wait too long until our drinks arrive. I'll tell you about mine first. I tend to forget that bubble tea (or milk tea) is NOT a smoothie. My drink came out fine in terms of flavor, just a little too sweet to my taste, but I can adjust the sweetness level in the future. I always go for standard everything (ice and sugar) when I first order to know the threshold so I can adjust it later.

The combination of oreo and cocoa powder mixes well in this drink, especially the crumbled oreos. I quite like this drink as it tasted like chocolate, instead of fake chocolate. Maybe I can ask them to make it resemble like a smoothie next time I'm there.

As for Mr. G's taro drink, he said it was too sweet for his liking, but the level of sweetness is adjustable as I've mentioned in the paragraph above.

The bubble or pearl or boba in the drinks are chewy, which is a good sign. I hate it if the bubbles are still frozen in the middle. Believe me, I've tried those bubble and they leave a bad after taste in the mouth. Yuck.

I haven't tried their other signature drinks, but I am planning to in the near future. In the mean time, I think it's not so bad for a bubble tea with a chocolate-based drink. 

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  1. tempatnya keliatan cozy yah, apalagi yg ada banyak pot bunga2 itu

  2. cobain each a cup dong.. di mall artha gading.. dgn konsep each a brew for each a cup.. teh yg disajikan bnr2 teh yg berkualitas... hehe..