Friday, April 19, 2013

Beauty Treats Indonesia April Box

Hello, lovelies~ Yesterday was probably a dreadful evening for everyone in Jakarta. When it rains, traffic will surely follow, so I was stuck for an hour trying to get home from Pluit to Ancol. I'm like, "What in seven Gods?!". Hahaha, luckily, I have my phone and Flipboard app to make me forget about the traffic. 

When I got home, there was a box waiting for me outside my room with the label Beauty Treats Indonesia. I can't tell you how happy it is to come home to a surprise that I have to unravel in front of the camera. So, let's just start the pics, shall we? *too tired to think of words*

After I ripped gently unravel the ribbon, I was quite surprised to find the inside. It has quite a few popular brands that I'm familiar with. Wanna know what's inside?

Hahaha, can't really see much, huh? Okay, I'll show you one by one what is inside this month's Beauty Treats Indonesia box. ^_^ 

They have vouchers from several well-known brand such as NYX, The Balm, etc. The box came with a small magazine that lists the things inside the box along with their full information. 

The magazine states that I were to receive Princess Syahrini lashes, but I got the Olga Lydia version instead. Not sure if this is supposed to happen or they ran out of Syahrini lashes. =/

I think for Rp 95,000, the first box is quite impressive, but I can't really say much about it yet as this is only the first box, which tends to be extravagant. I reckon they'll come with 7-8 samples maximum in their next box. ^_^;;

I was glad to see new brands such as Perfumies, Orlane and Menard. I have yet to try Menard and Orlane, hence the excitement when I saw them in the box. I hope they find new brands to be included in the box, just to make it more exciting.

There are still sample sachets from L'Occitane, but that is excusable because I love the brand, hahaha.. Anyway, I've subbed to their 3 months service and I'll give an updated review afterwards. Meanwhile, you can always check out Beauty Treats Indonesia's website here. 

So, have you subscribed to any of those beauty subscription boxes? Let me know in the comments below and until then, I'll see you later~ 

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  1. posting tentang beautybox ini benar2 bikin galau berkepanjangan ~.~

    menunggu box juga haha

  2. I've subscribed to Beauty Treats, Vanity Trove (meaning to try out the first box to see if i like it first, but when i see their next boxes open for order i panicked and subscribed to their next boxes! Even though i've not received any boxes yet! Sould've subscribed to three months or so and save myself some money zzzz) and Lola Box (3 mobths subs because of what happened with the first two!). Oh noooo this is a dangerous new addiction!

    1. I agree with you that it is, indeed, a dangerous addiction, hahaha ^_^

  3. wooww isinya banyakk *O*
    jd tergoda utk subscribe jg ci >.<
    nice post~!

    1. Untuk seharga Rp 95,000, isinya emang cukup banyak tapi ga tau lagi deh box kedua gimana. Biasanya kan box pertama isinya banyak, ntar belakangan cuman 7 items kalo ga salah. ^_^

  4. Good Gods!! (love your GoT refference!) that's alot la ci. ARGHHGHGHG super duper excited!! my box, Y U NO come faster!

    1. By the Old Gods and the new, I hope it stays that way, hahaha ^_^