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shu uemura Cleansing Oils

Hello, lovelies~ Now that I've already introduced you to the man behind the brand shu uemura, let's take a closer look at his work. One of his first and most famous beauty item is the shu uemura cleansing oil. For my Indonesian readers, there are pictures that helped explain my post. So, let's start! ^_^

Why did he create it?

He introduced the first oil-based cleanser to Japan back in 1967. When he worked in Holywood as a makeup artist, he noticed that actresses piled on so much makeup a few times daily, leading to sensitive skin because of harsh make-up removers.

Why cleansing oils?

Harsh cleansers or make-up removers may erase makeup thoroughly, but it also strips away all the natural oils on the skin, leaving the skin a little dry afterwards. Unlike those make-up removers, cleansing oils remove make-up gently whilst keeping the natural moisture balance of the skin.

What's the secret behind it?

The key to shu uemura cleansing oil lies in the quality of selected oils that is gentle to the skin. With differently shaped oil molecules, it adheres to the makeup particles in the pores and removes them when it is rinsed out.

Isn't it going to be oily?

What's great about this product is the ability to emulsify upon water contact. It turns into a milky white liquid that helps to cleanse the skin even further. After it is all rinsed with lukewarm water, the skin is left with a refreshing, clean, and non-greasy feeling!

What makes it different than other cleansing oils?

shu uemura cleansing oils contain numerous plant extracts that helps to keep the skin healthy and beautiful. Plant extracts such as green tea, ginko, cherry and prune are the most commonly used ones in shu's cleansing oil. 
shu uemura cleansing oil also has been research and clinically tested to make sure that consumers get only the best from them.

Is it only meant for dry skin?

The texture of oil may be intimidating for people with oily skin type, but remember the emulsification process? Yep! I have oily, acne prone skin and enjoyed removing my makeup with a cleansing oil. I feel that after it emulsifies, my skin feel clean and smooth, without any oily residue afterwards.

So, in the next post, I will be posting my experience with this cleansing oil. After that post, there will be a surprise just for you guys, so stay tuned for that!

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Until then, I'll see you later~
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  1. well-written, Phanie! I love SHU cleansing oil, it works great to remove make up, dirt, and leave my skin soft and smooth. Couldn't agree more with you Uemura-san, beautiful make-up indeed start with beautiful skin.

    1. Thank you, Josephine~ I am new to shu's cleansing oils and love them already! ^_^