Friday, March 15, 2013

Review It's Skin Babyface B.B Stick in Natural Beige

Hello, lovelies~ I bought this BB cream a few weeks (or even months) back because of the packaging. It just screams my name when I looked at it and clicked the add to cart button immediately. Hahaha.. Anyway, after using it for around 3 weeks, here is what I think of the BB cream. or stick. Whichever.

To die for packaging

I know it's just a plastic, cream colored cylinder with a doodle of a face on it, but.. Look at it! Look at it! LOOK. AT. IT! 

Look me in the eyes and tell me that is not adorable. #exaggerated

Actually, the packaging is kinda fragile since mine cracked when I placed it in my makeup bag for travel. It's still usable, but it's not looking pretty anymore. Hehehe..

As the ingredients list are still in Korean language, I'm gonna skip reading it. ^_^

It's a.. stick? o_O

The BB cream is formulated in a stick form, unlike most BB creams. I like applying this BB stick at times when I'm in a hurry. All I have to do is draw lines all over my face, blend it evenly with my fingers and set with powder for more lasting power. Here is how I apply it
1. Draw a line from the center of the face outward
2. Draw 4 more lines evenly
3. Blend it with fingers
4. Voila~
I don't know why the last picture made my face look paler than before. I promise you it's not that pale since it is Natural Beige. >.<

Extremely creamy texture

Ok. Maybe it's not creamy to the extreme that it moisturizes the driest of skin. However, the creaminess of the BB stick helps the blending process a lot easier. 

I've had trouble blending cream-based foundation and/or concealer because they dry too fast or isn't creamy enough that it drags on my skin. Well, this one doesn't give me any trouble in terms of blending. 

Satin finish

Despite the creaminess of the BB stick, it doesn't give a dewy finish, but a satin finish. It is a finish that is in between dewy/glowy and matte. I, personally, love this finish since it gives a slight glow to my already oily face. 

Also, I didn't feel any stickiness or greasiness after I've applied this on my face. I feel like there isn't anything on my face, so that's good!

Astonishing coverage

The BB stick gives a sheer to medium coverage with one layer, despite its creamy consistency. You can see that it doesn't really cover my post acne marks and pores quite well. It only manages to even out my skin tone, hence reducing the redness on my cheeks.

It can make my sun spot look slightly faded, but you can still see that it's there. I'm gonna shoot laser at this critter soon ( am thinking of it right now). #sidetrack

Creamy yet light

This is the one thing that I like from this BB cream. I like how easy it is to blend the BB cream on my face. Also, once it is blended, it feels light, almost like I'm not wearing any face products.

Not so long lasting

Then again, I haven't found any BB cream that sticks on my face after the 4th hour, hahaha.. I noticed that it begins to fade after 2 hours because I can see redness on my cheeks that starts to appear. However, I can touch up if I needed to. I like to wear this when I'm out doing chores or going to the mall.

Do I like it?

Well, for days when I don't feel like wearing makeup, then yes. However, I won't use it for events where I need to look my best. I like the simplicity of the BB stick since I just need to draw and blend. The fact that it is lightweight and able to even out my skin tone has made me like it.

I find that this BB is not suitable for people with dry skin as it may exaggerate the dry patches they have on their skin. I tried it on my dry, flaky nose area and it looks horrendous.

Aside from that, I enjoy using this BB stick a lot more than I would have expected to. For those who are in search for a BB cream in a stick form, this may be your match!

Until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. bwahah that packaging is adorable! You have really nice skin to begin with ^_^ but the BBcream does give you a nice glow :)

    1. There should be a plastic cover with wings attached on them, but I lost it already. Bad beauty blogger, hahaha.. My skin looks that nice because of the lighting, but thanks! ^_^

  2. Wah~ cie beli bb cream stick ini dimanaa? :O

  3. Akhirnyaa... penasaran sama yang ini, unik bb stick!! >o<

  4. Why was your bb stick cracked? So you lose the cap?

  5. Where can I buy Its skin bb stick aside from online stores?

    1. I'm not sure, but it kinda depends on your country, I guess. This isn't available at counters in my country, so I have to buy it online.

    2. Thanks for the reply! Guess I'll be buying it online.