Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Makeup Fixer

Hello, lovelies~ Ever since I stopped using retinoic acid, my skin is back t its oily, acne prone self again. To be honest, I prefer having oily skin rather than dry skin, hahaha.. Probably because flaky skin are the hardest to apply makeup on. 

Anyway, that being said, I was, once again, in search of a product that can make my makeup stay longer and shine free. Holika Holika released their makeup setting spray or makeup fixer, as they call it, a couple of months ago. Being an adventurous beauty blogger (or a shopaholic), I bought it.

Cute, cute, cute label design!

The product comes in a separate box that has the cutest label designs I've seen in the longest time. It is a fluffy cotton with a face on it and the name Oil Queen Cotton. How can I not buy this? *Cuteness overload*
Out of the box, the makeup fixer comes packaged in a white, semi glossy spray bottle that isn't too big to be carried around for travel. However, since the bottom part is slightly rounded, it may be a little hard to fit into a small makeup bag.

Still has alcohol

Moving on to ingredients, the first one that captured my eyes is the alcohol. My skin tend to react badly towards alcohol, so I'm a bit disappointed about that. It also contains fragrance, which is also a red flag for sensitive skin type. There seems to be an absence of parabens, but uses phenoxyethanol as a preservative.

Non aerosol spray

The spray bottle is non aerosol with a semi fine mist. I always find that aerosol sprays have a finer mist compared to non aerosol sprays. 

It distributes the product evenly and not too heavily on my face that it makes it dripping wet. The mist leaves my face with a bit of a glowy look, not too much.

Oil control

The makeup fixer claims to be able to control excess sebum and lengthens the duration of makeup. I find this claim to be true because my face had that satin finish for around 3 hours.

If any product can make it up to the third hour in terms of oil control, that's good in my book. Entering the 5th hour, my cheeks starts to look a little shiny, but nothing to dramatic.

Having said all that, it does give a longer time for the makeup to stay on my face. Probably because it manages to keep the oil at bay. You can carry it around with you and spritz it if you need to look your best, shine free. Preferably after blotting your T zone.

A quick tip from me is to spray it only at the oily parts of your face in minimal amount. I once sprayed it to my face like I would spray my Evian spray and ended up smudging everything, hahaha.. So, remember, less is sometimes more, 'kay? ^_^


All in all, I find that this may suit combination to oily skin type since it does help to reduce excess oil on the face. However, for those who are sensitive towards alcohol, you may want to be careful when using this since it is the second ingredient in the list. That's a whole lot of alcohol..

I wonder if it will be the same if I mix water and alcohol and spritz it on my face as a setting spray? #thinking.

Anyhoo, I won't be repurchasing this again because of the alcohol, but if you would like to try out this affordable (around Rp 70,000-ish) makeup fixer, let me know in the comments what you think of it! Until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. uah, cheaper than the NYX one

  2. There are three types of sprays... setters, refreshers, and fixers/finishing sprays.

    Setting spray helps powders to set (blend in more).

    Fixing/finishing sprays are like "fixatives" i.e. glue-like in the fact that they seal and sealing helps makeup to become some weather proof and sweat proof.

    Refreshing sprays release the makeup from the skin enough to be moved around on the surface of the skin again... it is like a redo without using more makeup (like if you accidentally slept in your makeup or you have been in high humidity for a filming project and need touching up).

    ABOUT FIXERS/FINISHING SPRAYS... There are different types of alcohols that although they do burn the eyes a bit (your supposed to keep them shut until the product is dry completely due to fumes)...ALL fixers/finishing sprays have skin-safe alcohols to some extent or another.

    Source: schooling, special effects makeup, East Tennessee State University.

    Addition explanation on the alcohol in fixers/finishing sprays:

    1. Thanks for the lengthy explanation! I have a bad reaction towards alcohol, though, so I'll still skip this product. ^_^