Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Hello, lovelies~ It's time for another foundation review! My favorite makeup category, yeay! Today, it will be from Estee Lauder and their new Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup with a built in SPF 10. I've been using this for about two weeks and here is the report. Enjoy, hehehe..

Elegant glass bottle

As with most high end foundations, they tend to have a classy look to their packagings. This one from Estee Lauder is packaged in a glass bottle with a twist off golden cap inside a blue box

It would be nicer to have a pump to dispense the product so as to prevent extra foundation from spilling on my hand. 

However, I still like the elegant glass pump-less bottle. Somehow it makes me feel classy, even without the pump~ ^_^

It contains..

As for the ingredients, it uses dimethicone to achieve that smooth finish. The excess oil on my face is presumably maintained using alumina. For preservatives, this foundation uses BHT, Imidazolidinyl urea and phenoxyethanol

Sometimes, my skin may have a reaction against imidazolidinyl urea since it may be a skin irritant to some people with sensitive skin. However, since I don't wear heavy duty foundations everyday, I didn't have any unpleasant experience with it.

My shade

The shade that is closest to my skin tone is 1N2 also called Ivory Cream. It has a neutral undertone, which always works best for most skin tones because it has equal blend of pink and yellow undertone.

Just in case you lost the box, you can always see the shade number and/or name on the bottom of the glass bottle.

The texture

Aside from the twist off cap and pump absence, the texture of this foundation is similar to what a lotion would look like. It's neither runny as water nor thick as cream, it's just in between. 

Go, foundation brush!

I find that it dries quite fast, so I tend to use a foundation brush whenever I apply this foundation to my face. I tried using fingers, but it ended up staining my fingers and blotchy application. 

The Foundation Flower method from Estee Lauder really helps to apply this foundation evenly and smoothly. I start from the inside of my face (my nose) and feather it outwards in light stroking motion

Finish and coverage

It has a matte finish to my face once I blended everything together with my foundation brush. It has medium coverage with one layer of this foundation. I can apply more than one layer of foundation on my face for better coverage, but it looks cakey. I tend to use concealers for better coverage, especially on my sun spot.

As seen from the photos, the redness are neutralized and my skin tone looks more even. I also noticed that my pores are slightly concealed that they make the illusion that my face is smooth and poreless.
Foundation only in the after picture. No powders or bronzers.

Stays almost all day! (if I hadn't taken it off..)

One of the reasons why I love this foundation is the longevity factor. It is able to stay on my face for around 8 hours. The oil control is also great on its own with 4 hours shine-free and around 7-ish if combined with a setting powder.


Overall, for a foundation that costs Rp 380,000, I feel that this is worth the money. Why? 

Well, here's why:

  • I only need a small amount to make the redness on my face go away. I use a bout two pea sized amount. I think it can last me a whole year until I finish a bottle of this. Hahaha..
  • The medium coverage that this foundation has makes my face look flawless on photos
  • It is a long lasting foundation for up to 6 hours on my face
  • The oil control is outstanding ranging around 4-7 hours, depending on powders

However, this is one of the foundation that dries fast on the skin, so I need to blend it immediately after placing it on my face. Also, this would be perfect if it has a pump. That would just make life so much easier for a clumsy girl like me, hehehe..

Anyhoo, I hope this review is helpful for those wanting to search for foundation, especially from high end brands. What is your all time favorite liquid foundation? Tell me in comments below, so I know what to put on my wish list! 

Until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. ini emang di rave banget ya sama semua foundation junkie..
    btw ci phanie pasti koleksi foundie & bb cream nya banyak banget yaa~ gimana ngabisinnya itu ci~ hehe..
    foundie fave ku sekarang si covergirl olay tone rehab ^_^ (bukan all time fave sih tapi)

    1. Haduh, Dil, ngebayangin ngabisinnya aja bingung aku, hahaha.. Untungnya sebagian udah dihibahkan, jadi dah ga terlalu penuh. Cocok buat oily skin kah si Covergirl?

    2. kurang sih buat oily skin, tapi dia hasil akhirnya glowy gitu yang aku sukanya :)

  2. I have always wanted to try this as I heard that the coverage was pretty amazing! great review ^_~

    1. Coverage is puh-retty amazing! You can always ask for a sample at the counter, ^___^

  3. wah jadi penasaran.... dibanding MUFE mat velvet bgsan mana yaa utk oily skin? bingung, mo beli yg mana, gak mau beli dua2nya abiz mahal hehe

    1. Belum pernah nyobain MUFE Matt Velvet, jadi ga bisa ngebandingin juga. ^_^

    2. hehehe thx buat reply yaaa..
      ditunggu review2 selanjutnyaa :D