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Review Bali Ratih Strawberry Hand & Body Lotion

Hello, lovelies~ I wanted to review a hand and body lotion from Bali Ratih today from Dina. Yeap, if you remembered the first post, she gave me one whole package of body care products from Bali Ratih. So, let's start with the Strawberry scent, shall we?

Slim pump bottle

The lotion is packaged in a transparent pump bottle that houses 110 mL of product. The stalk of the pump is quite tall in proportion to its bottle height. 

One full pump of this is enough to cover and moisturise my leg. Yes, I have huge calves (betis), for your information, hahaha.. I am a plus size girl~ 


This lotion contains olive extract, sunflower seed oil extract, Yam Bean extract, and Strawberry extracts for added moisture. As with most Bali Ratih products, I noticed that they use dimethicone to ensure a silky result. It has fragrance, so sensitive skin may want to be careful with it. 

Always do a patch test before trying out a product in a large area of your skin. This will help prevent any unwanted skin reaction should there be one. 

Light pink lotion

The hand and body lotion has a light pink colour, probably because it is Strawberry-themed. Hahaha.. Anyway, the lotion sinks into the skin quite rapidly under the 1 minute mark. Well, if you applied it onto a huge surface area, then it would take more than a minute to sink in, I assume.

Once absorbed into the skin, it feels light and smooth on my skin. It doesn't have neither sticky nor greasy finish after I applied on my skin. That's good, yeay! Oh, it smells like strawberries with a slight sourness as a last note. Kinda like strawberry yogurt, with more yogurt than strawberries. ^_^

Not moisturizing enough

For my hands, it gives sufficient moisture with a single pump. However, on my dry legs, I feel that it isn't too moisturizing. I think it would be more suitable for normal skin rather than dry skin.

My calves still feel rough 10 minutes after applying this lotion. I guess I have to apply body butter to the dry parts of my body.


I like to use this for my hands, but not for my legs since they are drier compared to my hands. The lotion absorbs quite fast into my skin and leaves it feeling smooth. Since the size is not to big, it can be placed on my desk without taking much space. Perfect to be used after I've finished washing my hands.

Have you tried any of the Bali Ratih products? Do comment below if you have and tell me your favorite! I'd like to know which one to buy next, hahaha..

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