Friday, March 15, 2013

Review Bali Ratih Green Tea Body Butter

Hello, lovelies~ Continuing the Bali Ratih body care series, it's time to review the body butter from Bali Ratih that I received from Dina. Have you checked out her store yet?

Worth the money!

The body butter is in a regular white tub with the Bali Ratih design labels all over it. Despite the off centered placement of the sticker, I quite like the picture of green tea leaves as the design.

What's in it?

It contains shea butter, cocoa butter, olive extract, sunflower seed extract, and beeswax to give moisture to the skin. However, it also has dimethicone to give a smooth and silky finish to the skin, without any greasy feeling.

Whipped cream?

When I opened the tub, I noticed that the texture of the body butter is more like a whip cream. Maybe my eyes are going bad, hahaha.. The body butter has a slight light green tint.

Also, the scent of fresh green tea immediately fills the air when I opened the tub. I like that it gives a relaxing mood whenever I apply this body butter.

Thick and creamy

The texture of the body butter isn't as greasy as it looks like. The thick and creamy texture actually gives off a light and non greasy finish on my skin.

Silky smooth skin

I was afraid that it was going to be ultra greasy on my skin once I blended it in, but I was worried for nothing. The body butter gives my skin a silky smooth result and I am loving it.

Unlike other body butters that may be too greasy, this one just has the right formulation and finish. I love the mixture of shea butter and dimethicone in most body butters. The shea butter will give moisture, whereas the dimethicone will seal in all the moisture from the shea butter, preventing any moisture from escaping the skin.

However, if you have really dry skin up to the point of flaking and red, I don't think it would be moisturizing enough. As a matter of fact, you should go to a doctor should that happen. ~_~


Priced at Rp 25,000 (USD $2.50), I'd say that this is worth the money. The relaxing fresh and slight citrus scent is enough to make me want to apply this everytime I finished showering. It doesn't take a lot of time blending in to my skin, leaving it moisturized and smooth.

I really recommend this body butter to those who doesn't like sticky, greasy moisturizers for your body. You can buy the products at Dina's Shop. Just click on her name~ ^_^

Until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. Hip hip green tea. :-) nice review ci :-)

  2. hi, apa beda body scrub dan body butter serta bagaimna cara pemakaianx?

    1. Body scrub digunakan untuk mengangkat sel-sel kulit mati atau yang sering kali terlihat mengelupas. Body scrub memiliki butiran2 halus yang dapat membantu proses ini. Sering kali body scrub digunakan sesaat setelah mandi dengan cara digosok secara perlahan pada area kulit yang diinginkan kemudian dibilas.

      Body butter gunannya untuk melembabkan kulit kita setelah discrub. Cara kerjanya hampir sama dengan body lotion (hand body lotion), tetapi memiliki kadar kelembaban yang lebih tinggi, maka dari itu cocok untuk mereka yang memiliki kulit kering atau sangat kering. Menggunakan body butter paling optimal setelah mandi pada kulit yang sudah dilap kering dengan handuk.


      Semoga menjawab ya.