Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review Bali Ratih Chamomile Body Scrub

Hello, lovelies~ The last Bali Ratih product that Dina sent me is the body scrub. I chose the chamomile scent because I can imagine showering at night, applying body scrub and then it's straight to bed. Plus, chamomile is known to have soothing and calming effects.

White, plastic tub

The packaging is the same as the body butter, which is housed in a white plastic tub or jar. It is medium sized with around 7 cm in diameter. The tub is decorated with labels that has flowers (chamomile?) as background for the description.

Mineral oil, alcohol and petrolatum free!

The first ingredient I see is oryza sativa extract, which is known to brighten the skin. I'm quite surprised to see the list of ingredients loaded with plant extracts for a local brand. Cool! Also, there isn't any mineral oils, alcohols or petroleum/petrolatum.

Since I can't take a clear picture of the ingredients list, I typed it for you~ See how nice I am? Hahaha, I just love typing. ^_^

Light yellow cream

When I opened the tub, a strong floral scent came bursting out, filling the air. I like it since I'm crazy for floral scents, but it may be overpowering to those who is not into floral scents. 

The thick, light yellow cream looks like body butter with little beads to exfoliate the skin. 

You're so fine~!

The beads are fine unlike most body scrubs that has harsh beads. I was worried at first that this won't be enough to exfoliate the dead skin cells off, but I was wrong. The beads are strong enough to get the dead skin cells off and makes my skin softer and smoother.


Priced at Rp 25,000, I think that it is a great local product. I like the fine beads that softly removes the dead skin cells without any irritation whatsoever. After rinsing the product, my skin feels softer and smoother. However, the scent of this body scrub may be a little too overpowering to those who are sensitive to scents.

If you are interested in purchasing these items, you can check out Dina's shop over here. She stocks almost all of the Bali Ratih products at an affordable price. You can contact her via :

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