Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Battling Cylon at Universal Studio Singapore

Hello, lovelies~ I hope you're all well today. If not, I hope your day will get better soon. Last week, I went to Singapore to spend a day at Universal Studios. I bought the ticket way back in November for Mr. G and I, but we haven't had the chance to use it. Mainly because it is rainy season and it rains all week when we were there in November.

However, last week, the weather forecast had been great and the sun is out all day, so we went there. Oh, we use MRT and alight at Harbourfront station, making our way to the Sentosa Express that is located on the third floor of Vivo City.

The entrance is through Hollywood, which mainy has lots of souvenirs, so we went passed it, making our way to the Sci-Fi City.

Hollywood itself has a lot of attractions and live shows. They also have the new ride from Sesame Street called Spaghetti Space Chase. We get to sit in this space shuttle and it moves around through the town of Sesame Street and then off to outer space. Great for children under 8, probably.

Then, on to Sci City! The first ride we got in is the Transformers The Ride. I love love love it! We basically sit in a "car" with two other people and it moves at a high speed, making us think that we are riding it.

We are given "Battle Glasses" (or, 3D glasses) before the ride to enhance the ride experience. It's just awesome! I feel like falling off the building for real, love it!
The All Spark

Mr. G putting on the 'battle glasses' Lol

Next, we went straight for the roller coasters in Sci Fi City called Battlestar Galactica. What's unique about this ride is that there are two types of roller coasters, Human and Cylon. They then will be going at the same time, crossing each other's paths.

The human are indicated as the red one, whereas the Cylon is the blue one. The difference is the roller coaster for humans are regular ones with more ups and downs, whereas Cylons are inverted roller coaster with more spins in its path.

Both of us love the Cylon roller coaster so much! Since it is my first ever inverted roller coaster ride experience, I feel like flying and dying at the same time. Hahaha.. It's true, though. The moment it spins continuously in loops, I feel like being thrown from a high speed vehicle. Cool!

Coming up next, Egypt!
to be continued in part 2...

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  1. waaa Universal Studio >__<
    rencananya juli mau ksana ~ ahaha
    tiket nya brpaan si ce? hrs beli dr jauh hr ya emgnya?

    1. Ga mesti jauh2 hari kok, cuman emang waktu itu rencanannya November mau ke USS, tp ujan terus jadinya batal.

      Harganya waktu aq beli lagi ada deal sekitar 70an SGD. Belinya pas di airport aja kalo ga, biasanta murah2 tuh.

  2. Yang spagetti itu baru ya cie? o.O Aku kesana ga liat yg ini ya? Hueeee xD unyu sekali
    belom kesampean naik galaticaaaa D:

    1. Yang Sesame Street baru ada tanggal 3 kemaren, lucu sih, tapi emang buat anak kecil banget, cuman kaya rumah boneka gitu tapi ga ada airnya, hahaha..