Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bali Ratih White Rose Body Mist Review

Hello, lovelies~ For my readers in Indonesia, Bali Ratih may already be a familiar beauty brand to you. They have a variety of body care products, starting from body mists all the way to body scrubs. 

I have been sent a few of their products to try from Dina. She runs an online shop over at Dina's shop, where she sells quite a handful of beauty products. So, click here if you want to have a look see at her shop. She sent me a body mist, body lotion, body butter and body scrub. I'll start with the body mist, yeah?

I chose the white rose scent amongst the options of many other scents (green tea, milk, olive, strawberry, etc) since I am madly in love with roses. It's one of my favorite flowers aside from Lily of the Valley and Plumeria.

The body mist has a 60 mL transparent spray bottle with the label on it. What I find interesting is the presence of Japanese kana on the label. That's quite rare in a local product.

The size is perfect to be placed in a makeup bag, so you can use it all through the day whenever you need an instant mood-booster.

The ingredients list is what surprises me. I find a number of essential oils that helps to create the mixture of this lovely body mist scent. Usually, cheap body mists contain fragrance and no essential oils. Yeay, Bali Ratih!

It has a soft floral notes with a slight sweet scent that is enough to give relax me after my night time shower. The body mist also has a cooling effect that makes the experience of using this all the more pleasurable. I wish there is a larger version of this body mist, so I can place it in my bathroom to use after shower.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed using this body mist these last couple of days. Even Mr. G likes the scent as it isn't too overpowering like my other body mists. Priced at Rp 25,000, I find that this is quite a steal since there are plenty of essential oils to help create that soft florally sweet scent.

So, if you are interested in purchasing this body mist, go on over to Dina's Online Shop
She is a friendly shop owner that responded quickly whenever I emailed her. 

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  1. Uaaaa...thank you for nice review Phanie :)

  2. ci phanie ditunggu ya review yang green tea body butternya *green tea maniac* :D