Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sunscreen or Sunblock?

Hello, lovelies~ Some of you may be wondering what the difference is between a sunscreen and a sunblock. This is just going to be a brief post explaining the sole difference between the two. All of the information is retrieved for this post will be listed at the end of the post. Enjoy reading~

Oh, for Indonesian language, click the link right here. I was in the mood to make two versions since it was a short post. 

The term sunscreen and sunblock has been used interchangeably among the community. However, years ago, the FDA has already warned beauty companies to change the terms 'sunblock' and 'waterproof' since they are misleading for the consumer. Here is their quote on that subject.

"Manufacturers cannot make claims that sunscreens are “waterproof” or “sweatproof” or identify their products as “sunblocks.”   Also, sunscreens cannot claim protection immediately on application (for example, “instant protection”) or protection for more than two hours without reapplication, unless they submit data and get approval from FDA."

Hopefully, in 2013, most of the beauty companies have already have their newly tested and repackaged sunscreen. That way, we will always be informed of the contents and action of the sunscreen. 

Here is a illustration on how the sunscreen packaging should look like. I'll discuss this in another post, I don't want this to be long.
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So, remember, goodbye sunblock! 
Hello, sunscreen!


1. FDA Sheds Light on Sunscreens.

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