Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review Etude House Precious Minerals Sun BB Cream SPF50+/PA +++

Hello, lovelies~ I seriously forgot that I have this item in my upcoming review list. I bought this a couple of months ago when Etude House was having a 100% cashback program. I include this along with a toner and my HG cleansing oil. So, let's start!

Not as efficient as I imagined

The packaging is a white plastic squeeze tube with a sponge at the end. So, all you have to do is squeeze it, dab it all over your face with the sponge attached and you're done!

I don't  like using the sponge to blend the BB cream in since it does feel slightly hard on my face. However, if I think about travelling with this BB cream, the sponge really comes in handy because I won't need to bring an extra sponge, even though I can use my fingers for blending.

The sponge is easily removed for washing purposes, so that's a good thing if it's used most of the time. Once the sponge is unscrewed from the tube, a small hole is present to dispense the product in a more controlled manner.

Paraben-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free!

Ingredients are quite impressive to my surprise since they are free from paraben, mineral oil and alcohol. Most older Etude House products usually have a high concentration of alcohol, but luckily this one is devoid of it.

It still has silicone and its derivatives, so people who is sensitive to silicone may want to be aware of it.

Shade variations

By far, this has the most shade variation for a BB cream aside from Missha's Perfect Cover that has 4 shades. The lightest one is Light Beige descending down to Natural Beige and Sand Beige being the darkest of the 3 shades. I bought one in Natural Beige and another in Sand Beige.

Do I use the sponge?

Not really. I often use my fingers to blend all of the BB cream on my face right after I've placed the usual dots evenly on my face. I find that it's practical to use my fingertips compared to using the sponge.

2-in-1 product!

With a high sun protection factor of 50+/PA++, this BB cream evens out my skin tone, thus reduces the redness on my cheeks and edges of my nose. It has a sheer to medium coverage and a satin finish.

The BB cream has a sticky feeling instead of a silky, velvety smooth finish despite the high amounts of dimethicone.  It still has a slight glow to my face, not fully matte.

So-so oil control

As you may have all known, I have oily, acne prone skin ever since I weaned off Vitacid. I find that even though this BB cream is targeted for oily skin type, it doesn't have a great, let alone good, oil control. After the second hour my face has already look shiny if it is used alone without any powder or setting spray.


Having a high SPF and a tint of color, it may seem like the perfect BB cream for everyday use. However, I don't really like this BB cream as this proves to be a miss for my oily skin. Starting at the price of Rp 170,000, I'd say that it's not worth the money for me. The sticky feeling right after I blended the BB cream is what makes me dislike it.

Note: Please keep in mind that although we have the same skin type (oily, acne prone), it doesn't automatically mean that we will have the same reaction towards a certain product.

What works for me may not work for you and what works for you may not work for me. 
You know your skin better than anyone else. ^_^

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  1. Ce, itu harganya 170,000?
    Waktu itu aku lihat d etude TA harganya 400++ loh?
    Beda apa ya? Kayanya sama deh ><
    Tapi bedanya jauh amatt

  2. I tried a sample of this but too bad it didn't work on me as it melted way too fast on my face >_<

    1. Ah, it happens to me as well, if I don't use any powder afterwards. For a BB cream that is meant for oily skin, it kinda feels like a cream foundation, doesn't it?