Monday, February 4, 2013

NYX Round Lipstick Tea Rose Review + Swatch

Hello, lovelies~ Today, I am going to (finally) review a lipstick that has been one of my favorites this month from NYX. It is the round lipstick in the shade Tea Rose. Let's start!

Sleek and handy packaging

Despite its simple black packaging, I'm quite fond of it. The shade description is plastered on top of the cap with a black sticker. The logo is placed on the cap as well, but a little slanted to the edges.

What I like most about the packaging is the small window at the bottom that shows the lipstick shade. This allows me to look at the shades without having to open the cap first.

Soft and creamy texture

Now, this is the love and hate relationship I have with this lipstick. The lipstick bullet is probably the softest, most fragile lipstick I own. It cannot withstand the heat as it gets softer and creamy.

I left it in the car once and when I went back to retrieve it, it looked like it was about to break. I immediately placed it in the fridge for a few minutes to return it to normal.

However, despite all the negative things in the previous paragraph, I like the creaminess of this lipstick. It is just right. It's neither too drying nor is it too rich, it's just the right formula.

Lovely, everyday shade

The round lipstick has lots of shade and mine is Tea Rose. The color is more towards a cool toned pink, without any shimmers whatsoever.

The pigmentation is great for such an affordable lipstick. My lips are coated with the pigments in one swipe, without having to go back and forth upon first application.

As you can see in the pictures below, my lips look sweet, which boosts my complexion, making me look fresh. Please excuse my hair since it is second day hair and it has already gotten greasy on the roots.

Not too drying on the lips

It feels creamy on the lips, however, it does eventually feel a bit drying after an hour or two, even though it isn't as drying as my Viva lipstick. The color stays on my lips for quite some time, if I don't bite my lips or lick it or eat or drink.


For a low price of Rp 33,000- Rp 40,000, this is surprisingly a highly pigmented and creamy lipstick. However, the downside of this lipstick is that it is prone to breaking, especially when exposed to indirect heat. I am looking at their other shades at the moment, hoping to find another MLBB color.

Have you tried any of their lipsticks?

What is your favorite shade from this range?
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  1. aaaa ini dapet dr yg waktu itu Christmas swap ya? yg di video nya histeris gt kan dpt shade ini? *cengir

    aku jg punya cee yg ini :) natural warnanya senengg
    tp kalo di aku abis dipake makan/minum suka ilang hiks T^T

    1. Betul sekale~ Ini susah nyarinya soalnya, makanya frek out waktu dapet, hahahaha >.<