Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipstick Review and Swatch

Hello, lovelies~ I remembered back in 2010 when I just graduated from university that I wanted these lipsticks so bad. I wanted to place an order online, but they were sold out, so I had forgotten about them. 

It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I saw them at Guardian over at Emporium Pluit that I let out a little squeal at the sight of them. So, here you go, the very-long-awaited-review!

Love the simplicity

Although the packaging may not be as cute as other Asian cosmetics brand, I love the simplicity of a plastic semi-see-through cap and the reflective twist off packaging

On the bottom of the lipstick is the shade number and name printed on an almost similar-color-sticker as the lipstick. This makes it easier for me to store my lippies upside down, so I can see their names. 

Looking at the name of the shades make me happy somehow.

2 shades out of the bunch

Since I was in search for a new MLBB (My Lips But Better) lip color, I opted for Pink Me Up, Born With It, and Let Me Pink.

Oh! Since I gave the Born With It shade to my mom and she is currently out of town, so I only have two of the shades right now to swatch.

Below is the swatch on my hand of those two lipsticks. Pink Me Up is a light pink without any shimmers, while Let Me Pink is a deeper shade of pink with hints of red without shimmers.

The finish

I find this lipstick to have a satin finish - great color pay-off with a semi-matte finish on my lips. I find that it's not as drying as my other lipsticks, but it is still dries out my lips slightly.

Swatch it on my lips

Here is how it looks on my lips. I didn't wear any makeup, I just swipe my face with a toner to make sure that it's not shiny in pics. ^_^

Surprisingly quite long lasting

I thought it would be one of those lipsticks that will disappear right after a meal or drink on me. However, I can still see the color on the edges of my lips, with the center being slightly faded.

This happens when I don't lick my lips throughout the day. Somehow, lately, I have been a good girl in not licking my lips :)

At Rp 69,900 a piece, the color pay off is great and lasted quite some time on my lips, given that I don't lick my lips often (as I would usually do). It does fade a little bit in the center after a meal, but most lipsticks do fade a bit. I don't mind the slightly drying aspect of this lipstick since it isn't too bad.

My favorite is Pink Me Up since it gives a fresh look to my complexion and the color isn't too bright for everyday use.

Do you have a favorite color from this line?

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  1. wah bagus ya ci warnanya, pengen coba. sayang di banyuwangi belum ada :( nice review! ^^

    1. Wah, kirain aku orang terakhir di Indonesia yang telat banget tau lipstick ini baru masuk Indo bulan lalu. Semog cepet masuk ke daerahmu ya~ ^_^

  2. Kangen sama ce phanie... hehehe... Tau2 udah ganti baju aja blognya.. Btw, 2-2nya bagus di kamu, phan... tapi yg pink me up lebih 'mlbb' di kamu, ehehe...

    Aku juga udah nyoba ini... eumm peachy pink sama warm me up... lisptik maybelline paling enak... pigmented dan lebih tahan lama dibanding pendahulu2nya...:D

    eiya... kok lama ya buka blogmu yg sekarang, apa koneksi ku lagi lemot ya...

    1. ralat, bukan peachy pink tapi peache scene.. :p

    2. peachy scene ngetop seingetku dulu ya, jadi pengen punya yang lain.. *maruk*

      kamu kemana aja sih, miz? Kangen tulisan2mu ^_^

    3. heheh... gak kemana2, phan...
      tau nih... 'me time' aku makin kesini kayaknya makin tipis aja, kyahaha... ^^;

  3. It looks great on you (:
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