Friday, February 8, 2013

Ikkudo Ichi: Worth The Hype?

Hello, lovelies~ Long time no restaurant review, right? Since Mr. G got home last December, we got to try a couple of new food joints around Jakarta. North Jakarta to be specific. Lately, everyone and their mother has been into the ramen-bandwagon. Lots of ramen restaurants are popping up everywhere and we decided to try Ikkudo Ichi that day. 

Ikkudo Ichi first opened their restaurant at Pantai Indah Kapuk. We never went there since the queue is always long, but when we went to Gading Walk, we saw another Ikkudo Ichi outlet. So, without any chit chat, we went inside for a bowl of ramen. 

We chose to sit inside because it's hot outside since it is sunny that day. There are a few customers already inside enjoying their ramen. There are lanterns hanging from the ceiling and a couple of sakura strands in between. Even though I haven't been to Japan, at least it has those sakura to visualize it, LOL. 

Mr. G ordered the Original Buta Kara Ramen, which is a pork broth with Ikkudo Ichi's special spicy sauce. I chose the Original Buta Ramen. Initially, I wanted to get the ordinary Shoyu or Shio Ramen, but they don't have that option, so that's a bummer. 

The Buta Kara Ramen was the first to get to the table after around 10-15 minutes, I can't really remember. Mr. G asked the chef to separate the Kara sauce, just in case he didn't favor the taste of it. 

When I saw the noodles, I forgot to switch it with the curly type since I do favor chewy noodles. Not long after I finished taking pictures of Mr. G's food, my dish came. It is has an almost similar, if the same, type of broth. 
The Original Buta Ramen broth. The Buta Kara Ramen has a red spicy sauce added in. 
Thankfully, the noodles are quite chewy, despite it not being the curly ones. The broth is too rich for my taste, as I prefer Shoyu or Shio broth, which is not available at that moment. The pork slices were moist, possibly because it is drenched in the broth. 

We ordered two side dishes to eat alongside our ramen, namely Buta Chashu Aburi and Yaki Gyoza. I didn't taste the buta chashu aburi since I was already too full with the rich ramen broth. 

They offer a chicken or pork gyoza and we went with pork. The gyoza filling is well seasoned and quite generous for its size. Unfortunately, it wasn't too crispy on the bottom part. I prefer crispy bottoms and soft insides.

All in all, I'm not a fan of the ramen at Ikkudo Ichi. I prefer shoyu or shio based ramen broths, whereas Ikkudo Ichi serves a rich savoury broth. If you like tonkotsu chashu-men or that type of rich, savory broth, then you will probably enjoy eating a warm bowl of ramen.

As for me, it's not worth the hype and will continue searching for ramen that is decadent and worthy to replace my old favorite, Sanpachi.

Have you eaten here?
What is your favorite menu from Ikkudo Ichi?

Ramen Ikkudo Ichi
Gading Walk Unit # GW 01-03
Boulevard Kelapa Gading Blok M
(021) 458 783 53

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  1. cc aku suka ikkudo's buta kara sama gyozanya >.<
    ga pernah cobain ikkousha tapi kalau sanpachi ga cocok sama perut aku ci sakit lambungnya sampai minum obat
    o iya tmpt yg cc suka daerah tmpt aku kdg juga makan lhoo >.<
    semoga suatu saat bisa tiba" ketemuuu ^^