Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Heavenly Ice Cream Getaway at Island Creamery

Hello, lovelies~ In case you didn't know me that well, I am a chocolate aficionado. My favorite ice cream flavor is (surprise, surprise) chocolate, especially if it is a hot fudge sundae. I can eat them all day! 

A few weeks ago, as Mr. G and I strolled through Gading Walk, we saw a new ice cream place called Island Creamery. Since we were waiting for a movie to start, we decided to give it a try. 

In or out?

There were indoors and outdoors seating available, just like most Gading Walk shops. We sat inside because there are sofas and air conditioners. That's just the perfect combination on a hot day! 

I have been quite a loyal for a new patron, to be honest. I have visited this shop three times in two weeks, just to eat ice cream. Don't yell at me.

Soft, creamy and scrumptious!

I like the right amount of sweetness in their ice creams. Not forgetting that they have a soft texture that melts right in your mouth when you eat them. The ice cream is free from those nasty ice crystals or freezer burn, probably because they're freshly made.

Ice cream creations 

Anyway, I'm just gonna list the things that I have already tried there during those three visits. Enjoy and I hope you have a foodgasm. ^_^
Reverso is a chocolate and biscuits ice cream
Double Scoop Rp 36,000 (without tax and service charge) 

A combination of Java Vanilla ice cream, milk and lychees
Rp 35,000 (without tax and service charge)

Reverso and Cookies & Cream topped with thick whipped cream drizzled with generous hot fudge  and cherry on top.
Rp 35,000 (without tax and service charge)

Verry Berry ice cream topped with strawberry sauce with layers of strawberry jelly, vanilla sponge cake and fresh strawberries. Rp 39,000 (without tax and service charge)

Layers of Belgium Chocolate, Cookies & Cream and Burnt Caramel ice cream with crushed Oreos on top
Rp 39,000 (without tax and service charge)

Calling all ice cream lovers

If you happen to be in Kelapa Gading and is looking a place to eat delicious ice cream, give Island Creamery a try. With those creamy ice cream, what can go wrong? Well, if you have diabetes, then it probably can go wrong. 

Anyway, have you tried any of the menus at Island Creamery?
Which one is your favorite?

A little sidetrack
I remember having a hot sundae at Swensens back in 1990s in Kelapa Gading, right on top of Gelael, if you are as old as I am. However, now that it's closed, I'm sad that I have to look for a new place for hot fudge sundaes. Thank you to the intuitive owners of Island Creamery and their decision to open at Gading Walk. Now, I can have my hot fudge sundae anytime I want. I LOVE YOU PEOPLEEEEE!!!

Island Creamery
Gading Walk 31-33 - Kelapa Gading
(021) 4587 8234

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  1. This place is gonna be the first place I visit the next time I go to MKG! Thanks for the foodgasm! *iler menetes*

    1. Sama2, enak ngobrol2 ama temen2 di sini sambil makan es kyim~ ^_^

  2. Di flavor bliss di alsut juga ada tuh cii/ aku udah coba apa yah tuh, coklat gitu tapi agak tua warnanya, agak" pait dikit, tapi enaaaakkkkk! Hahahaha..

    1. Belgium chocolate kah? Aduh, ngetik sekarang aja udah kepengen lagi. >.<"

    2. Bukaann. kayanya ada kandungan kopi" gitu deh.. namanya lupaaa.. hahaha

  3. gading walk itu dimananya mkg cie?? o.O
    mauuuuuuu :P" *ngiler*

    1. Di sampingnya Summit. Jadi kalo dari mall, cari Periplus, trus keluar dari pintu sebelah Periplus, mentok, kiri, trus puter balik, ketemu deh~

  4. I need an icecream RIGHT NOW, hahahaha. Everything looks so delicious <3.