Sunday, January 27, 2013

Too Cool For School Angel Hand Hand Cream Review

Hello, lovelies~ Remember the Cosmopolitan Indonesia magazine birthday edition with the hand cream and aloe gel bonus? I should've reviewed this hand cream a long time ago, but I kept on putting it back, until I realized there's only about a quarter left in it. So, without any more delay, here is the review~!

Unique art school-ish packaging

This is probably one of the perks of Too Cool For School since most of their packaging is art-related. It is initially packed in a separate silver box, but I lost it already. The hand cream is packaged in a silver squeeze tube that has an angel on it. Not such a big fan of the foil-like packaging because it can get squished easily in a bag, especially my bag.

It has a black twist off cap, which puts me off. I will almost always, clumsily, drop the cap when I want to screw it back on after using. Then, I'll have to dedicate an entire minute searching for the lost cap on the floor. 

Since I lost the box, I don't know what the ingredients are in this hand cream. I looked for the ingredients on Google, but they're mostly written in Korean language. I can't read Korean, so excuse that. 

Relaxing fragrance

First thing I noticed from this hand cream is the scent. Although it says shea butter, it definitely doesn't smell strongly of it compared with other Shea Butter hand creams. It has a nutty start and ends with a subtle floral note. I am a fan of this scent!

Creamy, grease-free goodness

The white cream has a slightly thick consistency that it won't fall when it's flip upside down. I use around two fingertip length or around 5 cm for both hands. 

I thought it was going to be a very rich, greasy hand cream at first. However, when I started rubbing my hands together, the cream just sinks in in a jiffy, leaving a smooth, non-greasy finish on my hands. I can immediately pick up a pen and start writing, without having my pen slip and slide. 

Long lasting moisture?

The cream is able to moisturize my hands for quite some time, around 2 hours, if I didn't wash it already. I wash my hands quite often and I will usually reapply this right after drying my hands with a towel. I put this in front of my pc, so I can reapply as often as I'd like.

Cute packaging with effective product

That is all I can describe this product. With the cute angel on the tube, the hand cream gives a smooth, silky, grease-free finish that is able to moisturize my hands for quite some time. I'd say that this is worth to be repurchased, but I think I'd sniff out their other scents. I'm eyeing the Moringa scent. 

What do you think of this hand cream?
Is it a no go or a heck yeah?

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  1. beli dimana ci steph? bykan PO nih...*males nunggunya :p

    1. Ga usah manggil Ci, panggil Phanie aja ^-^

      Seperti yang udah kutulis di paragraf pertama, waktu itu beli majalah Cosmopolitan yang edisi ultah, dapet ini bonusnya.

      Beli di counternya aja kali ya, cuman harganya emang beda jauh dibanding PO. ^_^;;

  2. omg ce, punyaku gak kesentuh sama sekali, suka lupaaa buat dipake >o<