Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review Rachel K CC Cream

Hello, lovelies~ Long time now review, huh? Well, as explained on my previous posts, I have been a little busy with things lately, thus the lack of updates. Plus, Mr. G is in town for the holidays, so that makes this blog even more neglected. However! Now that things have been a little bit under control, I can finally breathe again and type more on this blog. Yeaaay~

Enough with the explaination. Today, I wanted to do a review on the very much talked about CC Cream. It (the CC) stands for Color Correction, so it claims to be able to counteract redness and stuff. So, let's just take a look at the product, shall we? 

The CC cream is packaged in a pink squeeze tube with inscriptions on it. It has a twist off gold cap on the end. Personally, I feel that the packaging looks simple, but verging kinda on the cheap side, despite the price at SGD $30.00 (roughly). 

The ingredients are listed down below and I won't go into much detail on each and every one of them. Just some of them. It is, basically, a silicone based CC cream with a touch of talc for that powdery finish and a mixture between chemical and physical sunscreen.

The consistency resembles a lotion that is in between thick and runny. I like apply this texture as a foundation or based for my makeup because it doesn't require an extra effort when blending it on my face. However, it does feel like a BB cream. Nothing special in particular.

The shade is kinda like a beige undertone without any hints of grey undertones, which I love! I just hate those ashy, greyish undertones in a BB cream.

I like to place dots evenly all over my face then proceed to pat it with my fingertips. I noticed that if I were to casually spread it out like what I did with my moisturizer, the coverage won't be as good. Sometimes, I apply this with a stippling brush. ^_^

As you can see in the picture below, the coverage is in between sheer to medium. Below is the covering ability of this CC cream. Please keep in mind that this is what usually works on my face and the imperfections on it. It may be different on your face.

  • The redness on my face is covered or neutralized (usually done with a sheer coverage product)
  • The mild acne scars are concealed (usually done with an in between sheer and medium coverage product)
  • My skintone is more evened out.
  • My complexion looks brighter.
  • After a few minutes, it doesn't look as white as the third picture. See the picture below without flash.
  • My sun spot are not really covered, just slightly faded (usually covered with full coverage product)
I like the lightweight property of this CC cream as you may already know from my previous posts how I like my face products to feel like second skin. It has a slight powdery matte finish, which reminds me a lot like the Etude House Oil Control BB Lotion (if I'm not mistaken). I can imagine this property being troublesome when I have dry, flaky skin.

As for oil control, I find my face looking greasy after the fourth hour and that it used alone without any setting powder. If used with a setting powder, the oil won't appear as fast as when it is used alone. As seen in the picture below, the one with flash has more apparent appearance of shine, since it is more reflective.

Overall, I really enjoy using this BB CC cream lately. Most likely because of the very lightweight feel on my face that I don't feel like I'm wearing any BB CC cream at all. The shade is a match for my skin tone and I like the powdery, matte finish. Also, it has adequate sun protection at SPF 35/PA+++. Priced at SGD $30.00, I like this BB CC cream. However, it is still hard to find in Indonesia. 

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  1. omg akirnya keluar juga reviewnya!! dan sekarang semakin galau pingin beli cc cream ini >__< based on your review, this cream sounds amazing and suitable for oily skin people! and not to forget the pink tube *Q*

  2. but but..your skin looks almost flawless to begin with, ce :O
    anyways, great review :)

    1. Noooooo, someday I'll post my flaws here, it's just lighting and the position of my acne, Del. ^_^

  3. great review! thanks for sharing ^_~

  4. hiii... stephanie, aku mo tanya dong, buat sehari2 bagusan bb cream yg mana yaaa? aku lagi interested bgt sama Rachel K CC cream ini, atau mending l'egere multi white yaa. aku mukanya oily bgt, n very large pores. kalau pake bb cream, pake makeup base lagi gak? sorry ya tanyanya byk abiz bingung nih hehe..thx yaa :)

    1. Hi, Shanty~ Kalo sehari hari sih aku lebih pilih Rachel K karena lebih ringan di wajahku dan oil controlnya lumayan oke. Aku ga pake makeup base lagi karena ini udah cukup.

    2. Thx ya buat replynyaa... semakin yakin buat beli yg rachel k hehe

  5. Sob belinya di singapore ya phan ;-;