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Monday, January 21, 2013

Disclaimer: This review is made on silicone-free hair. Those who are still using silicone-based hair products may not get the same experience. Also, different hair types and scalp condition may give different results. 

Hello, lovelies~ I don't wanna jinx it, but I may have found a drugstore shampoo that doesn't contain any silicone in it and loving it. As some of you may have already know, I am determined to avoid silicones in my hair care routine. Thus, the ever lasting search for non-silicone shampoo. I've used this for a month now and here is what I think of it.


The shampoo is packaged in a transparent plastic bottle with the label plastered on the surface. At first, I thought the cap was the type where I push to open, but it turns out to be a flip cap. You got me there, Pantene. ^_^


Though it may be free from every form of silicone there is known to man, there are still some ingredients that I feel is better to left out. One of the many things would be Fragrance, which is a potential sensitizer and probable cause of irritant contact dermatitis.

Although it is free from parabens (for those wanting to avoid it), it uses Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone as preservatives. These ingredients may be categorized as sensitizers (irritant), but it is less irritant if found in soaps, shampoos and other products that needs to be rinsed after use. It still contains sulfates, but, hey, let's take this one step at a time, shall we?


Right out of the bottle, the shampoo is a transparent, thick, gel-like fluid. It lathers up easily most probably because of the sulfates.

How I Use It

I squeezed about a teaspoonful of shampoo on the palm of my hand. I, then, continued to lather them on my hand with a few drops of water. Making sure that no shampoo is wasted on the floor, I usually lather it above my head, so if there are a few drops that dripped, it would be on top of my head.

After that, I applied the lather on my scalp only and massaging it gently for a minute. With whatever is left on my hands, I smooth it out to the ends of my hair and rinsed it all away. With this method, I feel that the ends of my hair won't get too dry. My scalp is oil-free, while the ends of my hair is not bone dry.


This shampoo is able to make my hair grease free for 1.5 days or around 36 hours. Usually, if I were to wash my hair at night, it would already be greasy at around noon the next day, which is around 18 hours. I like the fact that it doesn't feel harsh on my scalp and hair. I can easily comb through my hair after I towel dried it without encountering any tangles in my hair.
Took the picture right after I woke up. The frizz is caused by my way of sleeping, which is tossing and turning on the bed.


I would recommend this to people who is looking for an affordable silicone-free shampoo to clarify their hair either once a week or as needed. With continued use, I do feel that it made my hair grease-free a lot longer with softer, more volumized hair.
18 hours since I washed it. It still looks fresh!

Pantene Lively Clean Shampoo
Rp 18,900 (prices may vary)

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  1. pengen nyobaaaa~~
    thanks yaa reviewnya :D

  2. aku pake ini rambutnya jadi kaku + kusut banget.. apa karna keseringan pake silicone-based product ya?? but i love pantene nourished shine <3 rambut jadi lembuuuuutttt.... hehehe....

    1. Aku juga dulu pas pertama kali pake ini, rambutku kusut luar biasa. Udah sebulan ini ga pake shampoo yang ada silikonnya, pake ini jadi halus~ ^_^/~

  3. akuuu selalu pake pantene, mau varian apapun pasti cocok hahaha. tapi paling suka yang nourished shine karena wanginya kaya wangi melon! yum banget. kalo aku, sampo atau sabun harus banget ada wanginya, ce. untung sampe sekarang fine2 aja hehehe

  4. Pengen coba deh, tapi di kulit kepala bikin gatel2 gak? cos trakhir pake pantene (jenis yg anti hair fall) akhirnya kulit kepala gatel2 parah sampe bentol2 T_T

    1. Aku ga bisa menjamin ga gatel2 deh, mbak karena setiap orang itu jenis kulit kepalanya berbeda. Kalo di aku sih yg jenis kulit kepalanya berminyak, cocok. Kurang tau deh sama jenis kulit kepala yg lain. Mungkin bs dicari review yg lain dgn jenis kulit kepala yg sama dengan mbak. ∩__∩

  5. aaaa akhirnya ada yg review shampoo ini c, rambut aku lg bermasalah parah :(

    1. Kalo rambutnya abis diwarnain atau kering atau masih pake yang ada silkonnya, aku ga nyaranin langsung pake ini buat shampoo tiap 2 hari sekali. Soalnya efeknya minggu pertama itu rambutnya jadi kusut dan kaku, ada beberapa orang yang ga tahan, jadi coba seminggu sekali aja dulu. ^^

  6. waaaa keliatannya sih oke cie ^^ nice review~

    1. Tapi, kalo mo pindah ke shampoo ini dicobanya pelan2 ya, takutnya masih ada silicone build up di rambut jadi kasar banget. ^_^

  7. kak, nanya dong. aku perhatiin ingredients shampoo di superindo misalnya, beberapa gak ada silica nya kak, tapi kakak milih pantene karena lebih cocok ya? thanks :3

    1. Hai, Cintya~ Yang kamu maksud silica atau silicone (dimethicone, amodimethicone, etc?)? Kalo silica jarang digunakan di shampoo, yang paling sering golongan silicone seperti dimethicone dan amodimethicone. Shampoo yang kamu lihat ga ada silicanya merk apa ya? ^_^

    2. eh silicone kak maksudnya. waktu itu sih herbal essences dari Clairol, tapi nggak merhatiin jg kalo ada dimethicone atau amodimethicone nya. Wah lain kali aku lebih teliti deh. Kalo rambutnya kombinasi seperti aku harus gimana ya kak? Any suggestion? Thanks :) Love your blog and YTchannel <3


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