Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review Maybelline Color Bloom Pink Blossom

Hello, lovelies~ First of all, I have a confession to make. I know I made a resolution of making a video every week for my YT channel. Lo and behold, I failed to fulfill that resolution, boo. Lately, the mood isn't there to film, so I hope you'll accept that no-good-excuse, LOL. 

Continuing this post, I wanted to share my thoughts on the latest lip product from one of my favorite drugstore brand, Maybelline. Well, I generally like their mascaras, but sometimes they have decent face products. 


The lip balm is nicely wrapped in a typical plastic and cardboard-type packaging that usually hangs from hooks at the drugstore as shown in the picture above. I really, really hope that you understood my beat-up-degrading-English, lol. 

After it was ripped open brutally from the plastic packaging, the lipbalm is a small, twist up, pink, tube that will fit most makeup bags because of their slim size. There is a pretty flower pattern on the cap along with the Maybelline logo. 


Once I opened the cap, I saw that the lip balm stick is white colored, unlike their other tinted lip balms. It claims to be able to change its color a few seconds after application.


I bought the Pink Blossom shade because I don't look too good in peach and/or orange shade. I can use a pink peach shade, but never a pure peach. The pictures below will give you a better picture on how it looks like on my lips. 

The picture above shows how my natural lip looks like. Under sunlight, I look slightly sick because my lips look pale. However, after applying the lip balm (pictures below), my lips got a color injection, making them look healthy and contributes to my fresh looking complexion. Oh, please excuse the wound on my bottom right corner of my lips. I bit them a couple of days before the shoot.


The moisture that the lip balm gave is gone after the first hour. This isn't the most moisturizing lip balm I've used, but that's not a problem. Maybe for those with normal lips will find the moisture that this lip balm has quite adequate.

However, I was surprised to see that the color slightly tinted my lips. Sure, they don't look as vibrant and vivid as the pictures above, but I can still see that my lips are pink and not pale like the bare lips picture.


I was surprised at the ability of this lip balm to tint my lips slightly and still gives off a subtle color, even after I've had a cup of tea and showered. For my dry lips, it's not too moisturizing. If you are a fan of tinted lip balms and have normal-not too dry lips-, you can give it a try. I forgot the exact price, but it was not more than Rp 50,000. 


  1. Haloo salam kenal.. aku laika.. :) di jakarta belinya di drugstore mana? di century , guardian atau watsons gtu ada ga?

    1. Coba aja yang ada counter Maybellinenya. Biasanya ada kok, aku belinya kebetulan di Watsons waktu itu. ∩__∩

  2. ih, warna sheer pink nya bagus n natural :O jadi pengen beli juga nih.
    btw, ce kuperatiin kulitmu makin hari makin mulus deh..

    1. Cocok buat yg demen warna pink~ Itu ilusi foto doang, Del. Lagi jerawatan nih. π_π

  3. I'm a lip junkie..gotta stop buyin

    1. LOL. It's hard to stop now for me. I should, though.. ^_^

  4. Sayang banget kurang ngelembabin.. huhu.. Padahal lucu gitu ya bisa berubah warna.. aku kemaren malah baru beli yg baby lips, mau coba dia bisa bikin bibirku mulus apa gak.. hihi.. :3