Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review Kiehls Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream

Hello, lovelies~ A few months ago, I received a BB cream from Kiehl's. Thank you~ Being a BB cream lover, I got really excited to using it nearly every single day for about a month. This is the one the very few products from Kiehl's that I own. After a few uses, here's what I think about the BB cream.


The BB cream came in a separate white box with all the ingredients list and description written on it. Along with the shade imprinted on the box. When I opened the box, there is a white squeeze tube with a flip cap at the end that houses the BB cream. 

The size is quite chubby as it is small and quite wide, making it travel friendly. One downfall about the squeeze tube is the absence of shade information on it, so it may be easily switched if you have more than one shade of this BB cream. 


I'm glad that it has no fragrance in the ingredients, but I was a bit concerned of the denatured alcohol content. It's located high in the list, too. That is alarming for me since my skin can't tolerate alcohol, but I'm pleased to say that so far my skin hasn't had any problems with it. *phew*

For the sunscreen ingredient, it uses chemical sunscreen, namely homosalate, octocrylene, and ethylhexyl salicylate. It does contain Vitamin C which is listed as Ascorbyl Glucoside that functions as an antioxidant, but I doubt that it will do much since antioxidants tend to be destroyed by sunlight. 

As for the the other ingredients, it contains silica, so those sensitive to silicones may want to be on the look out. It contains dicaprylyl ether which functions as a skin conditioner and creates a non greasy finish. For preservatives, it has phenoxyethanol, which is bactericide in nature. 

Consistency and Stuff

The product has a slightly thick consistency, similar to most Korean BB creams. It has a faint scent of alcohol everytime I'm blending the products all over my face. As for blending and evening out the BB cream on my face, it is an easy job, even with fingers. It just sinks right in effortlessly.

How I Apply It

Lately, I have been a fan of stippling my BB creams with my fingertips. I find that this method helps to give more coverage to my imperfections. First, I squeeze the BB cream on the back of my hand. I usually use about a pea sized amount for my whole face. 

I continued to dot it on five areas, cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Then, with my fingertips, I just pat it gently, spreading the product evenly all over my face.


The shade I got is Natural, which is almost similar, if not a tad darker than Natural Beige in most Korean BB cream shades. I think there is a lighter shade than this, but I'm not sure if there is a darker shade than Natural.


The pictures below showed how it has a sheer to medium coverage on my face. I feel that if I layer more than once, the BB cream starts to get sticky on my face. I always use a pea sized amount for my whole face, right after I've applied sunscreen. 

In this more close-up picture below, the redness on my cheeks are reduced and my skin tone looks more even since there is a uniform color of the skin tone. 


I feel that the oil control of this BB cream is so-so, making my T-zone slighty greasy after 2 hours of use. I don't really mind this factor since I have oily skin and nothing ever works for it, LOL. 

Anyway, after 2 hours, my cheeks starts to look slightly red again, which means that the BB creams has, probably, broken down and disappeared. 


Being a BB cream enthusiast, I quite like the feel of this BB cream on my face since it is lightweight and looks natural. It does not make my face look cakey, which is always a plus for me. However, there is denatured alcohol in the ingredients list, which make me have to be on guard if anything were to happen to my skin. 

I don't think I will put this on my repurchase list since it does contain alcohol. As I've already stated in the paragraphs above, my skin is not so tolerant towards to it. I'm not a big fan of the alcohol content, but if you don't have any problems with alcohols, then it's a good BB cream and you should try it out.

As for me, I won't be repurchasing this if this one ran out. Probably because I have tons of BB creams lining up to be finished. Thanks for reading this post and until then, I'll see you later~ ^_^


  1. Wow cepet banget udah ada review BB cream baru lagi nih :D
    hmm di foto yang after bagus banget hasilnya ce~ cuman setelah itu yg foto after 2 hoursnya memang keliatan nggak se-flawless yang pertama~ he5

    1. Soalnya yang ini udah ada di tanganku dari Desember-an, udah lumayan lama dipake, jadi udah bisa direview deh~ Emang agak pudar abis 2 jam-an, padahal udah pake bedak ama setting spray. T_T

  2. Thanks for this review! I own the Skin79's Hot Pink and I wonder what's your opinion about their differences. When I finish the Hot Pink I'm considering purchasing the orange bottle or the Kiehl's^^.

  3. u have really flawless skin! :))