Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Resolutions for 2013

Hello, lovelies~

Happy new year 2013 to everyone!! How was your new year? Was it filled with fireworks and having countdown with friends or family? I just spend mine at home, pampering myself with face masks and a cup of tea, LOL.

Anyway, what is a new year without new resolutions? I am not really someone who makes new year's resolutions, but I started making one last year and thought I'd do the same this year. Last year, I wrote my beauty resolutions only, but this year I'm going to include other stuff as well. Let's make resolutions!!

❝ Exercise 30 minutes a session three times every week ❞
I have been enjoying a session or two of exercise the past month. So, I figured I would continue it since it does make me feel good about myself. I feel a lot fresher in the morning and my complexion has been better. I rarely have acne and my skin looks better overall.

30 minutes is the time I set for myself because I like to start with small goals. Once my body is adjusted to exercising for 30 minutes, I'll increase it to 40 or 50 minutes.

❝ Save more money on important things ❞
As my blog implies, I am very much a PRODUCT JUNKIE. I love everything from beauty to electronics to stationary. I have to stop myself from buying cute, useless things, LOL.

❝ Finish, at least, ONE bottle of foundation and/or BB Cream ❞
I am a foundation and BB cream addict. I love trying out new foundation, but I haven't even finished one bottle all throughout 2012. I know I should have, but somehow I like to change my foundation routine as I get bored easily and hates being stuck in a rut. So, I am hoping that by the end of 2013, I have already finished at least one bottle of foundation.

❝ Upload, at least, one video a week on my channel ❞
If you guys didn't know already, I have a Youtube channel over at Do check it out if you haven't already. I feel that it is getting fun to make videos and edit them. However, I do run out of ideas sometimes of what to film, so don't be shy to request videos, 'kay?

❝ Changing the way I eat ❞
This is going to be the most challenging resolution this year. I want to change the foods that I eat. I sometimes eat junk food more than 10 times a month. Yes, stop shouting at me. I just got really lazy to cook sometimes and it's just easier to order food over the phone.

So, this year, I decided to stop junk food and processed food, such as instant noodles, McDonalds, Hoka Hoka Bento, sausages, chicken nuggets, etc. Sodas are never a favorite of mine, french fries IS my weakness. Oh, and noodles. T___T Let's see how I fare up in the first month.

Well, that is 2013 new year's resolution. I hope I can achieve all of it! What are your new year's resolutions? Let me know by commenting in the comment section below. I hope you had a great new year's eve!

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  1. omg sama ce...aku bawaannya pingin beli BB Cream terus padahal yang lama2 belum habis hahaha

    1. Harus diabisin nih, tapi lama2 bosen juga pakenya tiap hari. Hahahaha..

  2. huwahh... seems that we have the same weakness, Ce, I like processed food as well. I know I need to stop. But sometimes junk food and processed food are too tempting... :)

  3. YES.. Junk food and processed food are too tempting T___T