Friday, January 25, 2013

Featured On Hair Ideas and Behind The Scenes

Hello, lovelies~ If you followed me on twitter, then you'll already know this picture I posted a few months ago. I think it was around November or December, I can't really remember. That photo was taken when I was in the Hair Ideas HQ waiting for the photo shoot. 

I was surprised that they contacted me and wanted to feature me on their magazine. Surprised because I rarely review hair care and rarely do anything to my medium length hair. So, obviously I said yes to having the interview. Here I am in the January - March 2013 Hair Ideas edition.

An extra pic with Ichil, who was with me during the photo shoot and interview that day. 
Using the NYX Tea Rose I got from the Christmas swap
Also, I interviewed Ichil that day as seen in the footage below. Check it out if you haven't already!

Lastly, I wanna say thank you to you guys for making all this happen. This blog started as a daily diary for me, filled with recipes and slices of my life, but developed into a beauty blog later on. I still post a few daily life here and there since it is STILL and ALWAYS WILL BE my personal blog. Thank you for being such great friends and kept on visiting my blog, reading my posts. I can't thank you enough for that. ^_^ 
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  1. waaaa, keren :) congrats ^_^ ternyata tua aku daripada Phanie hahahaaa (makin berasa tua)

    1. Thank you, Win. Makanya, marilah kita manggil nama aja, biar ga ketauan umur. Hahahaha, btw, harusnya aku 27, bln depan 28 *buka aib* di majalahnya dpt kortingan, hahaha ∩__∩

    2. hahaaa, bisaaaaa ajah Phanie diriku maret ini 30 -___-" tetep lebih tua ahahahaaa btw keren loh foto kamu yg lagi meragain model rambut Rock chic hehehee

  2. Congratz yah buat achievement kamu... pasti nya bakalan membuka banyak opportunity di masa mendatang.. cheers

  3. Waaa ce you look different! ^_^

    It's rare to see you in make up look ^_^

  4. congrats on the photoshoot and interview :D!
    I really like your rocker chic look~

  5. makeup tutorial with this look will be great..please..


  6. I am a GP too! Km angkatan taun brp? Love the blog, jia youu