Saturday, January 12, 2013

Exercise Beneficial For Skin?

Hello, lovelies~ As I've written in my new year's resolution, I want to exercise more this year. Reasons behind the sudden realization of wanting to exercise is simply to live a healthier lifestyle, away from sedentary ones. Rather than sitting on a chair in front of my computer almost everyday, I'd want to move a little bit more. Hence, the sudden urge (not that sudden really) of wanting to exercise more.
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I've been doing it since early December 2012 because of something personal. I went through a couple of events that stressed me out. I suddenly remember that exercising releases the feel-good-hormones in the body called endorphins. Right after that, I just hopped on the elliptical machine and worked out for 20 minutes at first.
Yep. That's me a few months ago.
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I am the one person that didn't want to exaggerate when it comes to exercising. I don't want to be all pumped up saying, "I'LL EXERCISE FOR 50 MINUTES TODAY!! YEAAAHH!!". Well, when that happens, usually I'll just skip exercising the next few weeks, heck, few months even. So, I learn to know my limits and start small.

So, what am I trying to say in this post, you may ask? I just wanted to say that there are benefits for our skin if we exercise regularly. Here are the top 3 benefits for the skin.

Exercise helps improve blood circulation

As we exercise, more blood is circulated throughout our body. This process helps to deliver more oxygen to cells all over the body, including our skin. If more oxygen is being delivered into the cell, the better the cell will function. Hence, smooth skin can be achieved gradually with regular exercise.

Exercise helps reduce stress

Like I've stated in the paragraph above, exercise helps trigger the production of endorphins. This will help in creating a feel-good-mood in the human body. Now, the endorphins doesn't have direct effect on the skin, but if there is less stress, there will be less acne. Well, that's how it usually works for me. ^_^
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Less saggy-skin appearance

This last benefit isn't health-centered, but more to appearance, I guess. If you exercise, the muscles get more toned and the skin on it looks less saggy than they usually do. This helps improve your overall self esteem and personal image to motivate you even further to exercise.
This can be your motivation to keep on exercising.
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So, are those good enough reasons for you to get off the couch and start working out? I hope they are. Tell me in the comments down below what you do to motivate yourself to exercise. Until then, I'll see you later. ^_^
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