Sunday, January 20, 2013

Beauty Essentials To Campus

Hello, lovelies~ I've only realized that holiday is over for those who are still in the university. I thought it would be best to do a short post on some of the beauty items to bring to campus. I hope with this post you can get ideas on what to bring to campus.

Oh, this post was supposed to up on Friday, but since my internet decided to die on me during the flood incident, this post was postponed. Enjoy~

Concealer and/or highlighter

Looking back on how the classes I had at campus, it's a tad impossible to reapply foundation. Hence, a simple concealer and/or highlighter would do the trick if the foundation you use from home is already blotchy here and there. Just a touch of concealer where it's needed and, voila!

Facial Cleansing Wipes

This is important and always have to be in your makeup bag. It will help removes grease, dirt and grime from your face in a jiffy if you need to.


Preferably, the felt tip kind because of the ease of use. All you have to do is draw or fill in the gaps as you need it throughout the day. 

Lip Balm

If you're like me and unconsciously licks your lips until they're all dry and chapped, then you'll need to bring lip balm in your makeup bag. Your saliva is drying to your lips, so always apply lip balm whenever necessary. 

Compact Powder

This specific item is important for people with oily skin types. Right after you blot away the excess oil with a blotting sheet, apply compact powder to keep the oil at bay. No more shine and your face look fresh all day~

Lip Tint

I decided to include lip tints because the color they provided last a lot longer than lipsticks. However, they tend to be drying, so be sure to always have a lip balm handy!

Hand Cream

I always find it annoying to have dry hands after I finished washing it. That is why I always have a hand cream inside my bag. You can also find this helpful especially if you have dry skin. Just make sure that they are non greasy and absorbs fast into the skin.


This will help lift your mood if it were ever down. Scents are always a lovely pick-me-up item that will surely give your day a bit of delight. Make sure the scent is to your liking!

Hand Sanitizer

There won't always be a sink where you can wash your hands, especially if you're on a field trip or the bathroom is crowded. Bacterias are everywhere and when you have dirty hands and unconsciously touch your face, that is a potential acne coming up on your face.

Even though I didn't bring any makeup back when I was at uni, I remember bringing face wipes and hand sanitizers back then. It was the most important item in my bag. How about you, lovelies?

What is the most important item in your makeup bag? 
Comment down below. 
Until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. wah kalo kampus ku malah baru libur ci phanie >_<
    biasanya aku cuma suka bawa sunblock, tissu basah, bedak tabur, face mist, lip tint + lib balm & parfume ke kampus :D