Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nichijou: Pigging Out Saturday

Hello, lovelies~ How did you spend your Saturday? I hope it was so much fun than mine, ehehe. Well, at least, I went out with a couple of friends from the blog-o-sphere last Saturday. Since I craved for bulgogi, we had lunch at Chung Gi Wa. It's a Korean restaurant in Lotte, Kelapa Gading which serves Korean cuisine (duh!). I am not someone who goes gaga over Korean culture right now, but I, for one, am definitely crazy over bulgogi. The dipping sauce is to die for!! It's a mix between spicy, sweet and savory, love!

The guys ordered some soup and bibimbap or whatever it's called. I didn't really like those soups. So, I only ate cow's tongue and sweet pork grilled and dipped in that heavenly sauce. 

You may notice a couple of cosmetics on the table. We did a swap of our beauty items that we rarely used anymore. You know, one man's trash is another man's treasure! Maybe you can do this with your friends if you have a couple makeup items lying around your house, unused. Just make sure that it's not expired already.

A couple bowls of rice later, we decided to get desserts. Okay, fine, by we I mean me. Hehehehe, since there isn't anything good in Lotte for dessert, we went to Kelapa Gading Mall. We settled to have our dessert in Bakerzin, but on the way there, we stopped by Guardian because there was a promo on Evian sprays. 
Gabby went home first, boooo~ T3T

As we looked at them, suddenly, there was someone who grabbed my hand and it was Feli!! I was startled and happy at the same time, more to have desserts with us. ^_^ 

As we passed by PAC, Feli pointed out that there is a 70% discount on certain items. Being such good beauty bloggers, we stopped to take a look at what is there. Nita ended up buying a thing or two, I didn't. See how good I was? ^_^ 

Right after that, off to Bakerzin we went! Some of us had desserts, some just looked and shared it with us. We talked and chatted the night away until the Saturday almost ended. It sure was a fun day, particularly because I haven't meet them in such a long time. See why the title is called pigging out? It's a day off fod, main course and desserts. ^_^ 

So, あのひ は ありがとう! また ね~ 
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