Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How DOAPJ Uses Concealer

Hello, lovelies~ This Tuesday, I thought I'd do a short makeup tutorial on my channel. I know I rarely do makeup tutorials because I'm really not a professional makeup artist or even learn makeup. In other words, my makeup skills are below average. However, a couple of days ago, I was in the mood for filming a tutorial, so I did. 

I thought I'd just share with you what I usually use for concealing my sun spot on my left cheek. For the tutorial, I use a concealer from Etude House called Suprise Essence Concealer because the one from NYX is on the verge of being empty. 

To blend the concealer, I use a blending eye brush from Masami Shouko. Somehow, I feel that blending is a lot easier if I use a blending eye brush. I know it's meant to be used on the crease of the eye, but as long as I feel comfortable using it, I guess that doesn't really matter.

If you don't have a blending brush, you can use your fingers as well. You can see the tutorial in the video below because it would be better to demonstrate it to you than to write about it. So, I hope this helps, enjoy~ 

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