Monday, December 24, 2012

DOAPJ Interviews: Lalaluna

Hello, lovelies~ I know it's been a while since I last updated my blog. Sorry about that. Since it is Monday, I will be posting about blogger interviews as usual. This time, it's a beauty blogger from Surabaya and I recently found her blog and fell in love with it. Please welcome, Lalaluna~

Hi~ Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Josephine, the women behind Lalaluna Nail Parlour ( also a wife and mother of 2 boys. 

I just recently blogwalked to your blog and ended up loving it! What is the reason you decided to blog in the first place?
At first, I just want to make sort of 'virtual diary' for my nail art gallery. I want to post my passion in playing with nail art and nail polish. Hopefully someday when I look back, I could trace my journey and see how far I could go. 

Is there a reason behind the name Lalaluna? It just sounds really cute 
There's no special reason, I just love how it sounds. I love word 'Luna', I love pink, and I also love bow. I imagine Luna as a beautiful girly girl, with pretty cute pink outfit, and always wear a bow. I want to transfer that kind of image to my blog. So, you will notice my blog is all about pink color and there's a bow in my logo. :) 

What do you blog mostly about?
Mostly about nail art and make up stuff. 

After reading a couple posts on your blog, I see that you are very much into nail polishes. What made you love nail polishes so much?
For me, nail polish is like 'cherry on top'. It sweeten your look, make your look more appealing, and more attractive. Bottom-line: It completes your whole look. 

What is your favorite nail polish product? (and color!)
Tough question! HAHA... hm.. let me think, I have a lot of favorites nail polishes..but I think I love Essie - First Dance. It's my go-to red nail polish, when I couldn't decide what to wear, I always come back to Essie - First Dance, because simply you can't go wrong with red nail polish
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Last question, I saw your nail art creations and found them so adorable. Can you share a few tips to so that newbies (like me) can create nail art as well?
One important key is be patient, just as patient as waiting your nail polish to (completely) dry. LOL! Nail art is all about practice.. practice... and lots of practice. Browse more blogs and videos of nail-art experts out there and soon you will treasure the fun of nail art. 

So, that is my interview with the lovely Josephine from If you would like to see more of her nail art creations, just visit her blog at I'm sure there will lots of nail arts and cute designs just like the Christmas one above. 

Until then, I'll see you later~ ^_^

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