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DOAPJ Interviews: Endi Feng

Hello, lovelies~ It's Monday and that means it's time for another DOAPJ Interviews. Now, so far, I have already had female guests at this series. To kick it up a notch, why don't we meet a male beauty blogger this time? I think you have all figured it out by now and let's give a warm welcome to Endi Feng. ^_^ 

Oh, Endi is having a makeup challenge using Sephia toned photos. Feel free to join and tweet him your creations to @endi_feng. It's open until 15 December 2012. Have fun~ 
Hi~! Can you introduce yourself?
Hi, I'm Endi Feng. A makeup enthusiast, turn makeup junkie, and resorting to be a makeup artist..

What is the reason for starting a blog at
Well, at first I started my blog because I wanted to post my portfolios about makeup work which I started in Bali. Then, my friend encouraged me to do some makeup tutorials as well, so, I keep going on from there.

So, looking back, at what age do you first use makeup? or play with it? ^_^
Come to think of it, my first time interaction with makeup was when I was in kindergarten, dancing on stage at Christmas in 1997. HAHAHAHA I still remember my teacher put the foundation on, blush on, and lipstick. Ever since then, I've been playing with my own makeup since 2008, when I was in high school ( I joined the theater club in high school, so, I gotta do it and I love it! :D )

The theater club is always a great place to start playing with makeup, but what actually made you love makeup?
It's very interesting. At first, I hate makeup. It gave me beauty, but having zits as the residue on my face. And what made me love makeup? Simply because, with makeup, I can change my outer beauty/look, which boosts my inner ego/character on stage, at certain occasion, or photowork. HAHAHA I know it should be other way around, but there's always something in the world which doesn't make sense. *cackles*

Who are you inspirations when it comes to makeup?
My inspiration when it came to makeup is the late Kevyn Aucoin. He was a the first true makeup artist in the world, for me. His works always stick with classic beauty, and he's good at them. Then, came along Rae Morris. She is the first makeup book author that I own, The Ultimate Guide. Her works and personality inspire me a lot in enhancing my skills at beauty makeup. She's calm, but striking! Go check her out on YouTube! Better yet, go buy her books! :D

Wow! They are indeed amazing and inspiring makeup artists. After looking at their makeup styles, what is your 'signature' makeup style? 
My signature makeup probably is the cat-like smoky eyes, with pinkish nude lips.

Since you are a makeup enthusiast/aspiring makeup artist, can you share some makeup tips with us?
Really, I don't have the formal education in makeup. So, my advice to you, makeup enthusiast, DO A SERIES OF TRIAL & ERROR. Know your face better by doing makeup every chance you have. Also, please, wash your brushes every week, pretty please.. Always do makeup with clean face, clean brush, and finish up with a smile. ;)

Last question, what has been the biggest obstacle in achieving your dream? 
My dream is to be a makeup artist, living in Europe (France or London). Hahaha.. My biggest obstacle is probably the system in Indonesia, where we don't have the agencies for makeup artists, like in America, or Europe. We (Indonesian) got tons of talent in makeup artistry, but got no place to go to do a good deed with it. Wish me luck!

I will wish you all the best for you in the future, dear Endi. If you haven't checked out his blog, please do, because he does great makeup on himself and sometimes, he'll open a makeup class. We'll just have to nag him enough to have that makeup class, hehehe.. 

So, I hope you enjoyed this edition of DOAPJ Interviews. Let me know in the comments below who you would like to see interviewed by me in DOAPJ Interviews. However, I already have a list of bloggers that I want, but your suggestions are always welcome here. Don't be a silent reader, I won't yell at you, promise!! ^__^ 

Until then, I'll see you later~ 
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