Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shiseido Autumn/Winter 2012 Makeup Collection Launch

Hello, lovelies~ Last, Friday, I was given the opportunity to coordinate an event with Shiseido, along with the other staff from IBB. Shiseido Indonesia launched their Autumn/Winter 2012 makeup collection and held a beauty event at glow! Living Beauty, Plaza Indonesia. 

The venue was decorated with Shiseido's red color, along with silver seats placed strategically beside the 'red carpet' where the models will walk. They provided a photo booth, so we can take pictures and have it printed to bring home. 

The show began with opening words from Shiseido's National Training and CR Manager, Ms. Sien Lie. She introduced Shiseido and noted that it has been 140 years since Shiseido was founded. The innovations will surely rise to the challenge as the years passed. 

It was then followed by testimonials from the IBB staff about the Lacquer Rouge and Refining Foundation. I'll write a more in depth review about those two in a separate post, so this one won't be overcrowded.

Right after the testimonials ended, we were introduced to Shiseido's MUA from Japan, Ms. Hisako Inayama. She couldn't speak English, so there was a translator at the ready. She briefly talked about Lacquer Rouge and how it has vibrant colors. However, there are natural shades in the collection, should you choose to have one on a daily basis. Probably to work or to college, where you want a natural looking shade on your lips.

The makeup demo was next as we could the models strutted down the red carpet fiercely towards the red Shiseido blocks. As they stood on those blocks, Inayama-san approached them to apply Lacquer Rouge on their lips. I prefer the classic makeup demo, but a little change of scenery wouldn't hurt, I guess.

Right after that, the event ended and most of the beauty bloggers crowded over the Shiseido counter to see the shades of the Lacquer Rouge. Some of them tried it out and some of them had a makeover by Shiseido's MUAs.
With Vee, from DocCinKakak

With Nadia

I just pressed the remote a couple of times, some are tired, already, hahaha

IBB Staff with Inayama-san

With Inayama-san. 4649, desu~ 

Thank you to Shiseido Indonesia for the event and thank you to all the beauty bloggers who have spent their afternoon to attend the event. I met the other beauty bloggers, which is always exciting as I get to know the person (or people) behind the blog. It was nice meeting all of you and I hope to see more of you in future events.
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  1. Great event. Looks like everyone is having tons of fun. Wish i can be there only because i want so badly to meet each and every one of you. Oh well, someday i hope!