Sunday, November 18, 2012

Review LUSH Seanik Solid Shampoo

Hello, lovelies~ As I've mentioned in my previous L'Occitane shampoo post, I wanted to avoid silicone in my hair care products. I want my shampoo, conditioner and hair serum to be free from silicones. I noticed that my hair falls flatter and a little greasier when I used it. So, I bought the Seanik solid shampoo from LUSH two weeks ago. After a good two weeks, here is my take on it.

The shampoo is a blue, hockey-puck-shaped bar, which is a lot different than most shampoos. With this shape, I can imagine travelling a lot easier, especially if I'm travelling abroad. You know, what with the under 100 ml LAG (Liquid Aerosol Gels) rules that makes travelling a hassle if I don't have any check-in luggage. With this, I can just put it in a zip lock bag or a small tupperware box and done!
I'm using a stock photo because mine looks all icky right now ~_~

I have to admit that it was an internal debate when I wanted to buy this shampoo. I saw the first ingredient being Sodium Laureth Sulphate and thought that it was going to dry out my hair like the sun drying out animals in the desert. What? o_O
The Seanik solid shampoo ingredients

Moving on, the controversy behind SLS is that it may be bad for your hair, it may irritate the scalp or even be carcinogenic (cancer potential). Personally, I don't mind the ingredient as the studies behind those claims are still vague. However, if you are trying to avoid sulphates in your shampoo, you may want to skip this one. 

As for the other ingredients, they are just essential oils and sea salt, which I don't find any harm to my hair, really. There are colorants and perfume, so people with sensitive skin may want to be extra careful when trying out this shampoo.

Due to the SLS being the first ingredient, this shampoo foams up effortlessly. It can be applied directly on the hair to foam up. I sometimes lather it in my hand and then transfer the foam onto my hair. The experience of using a solid shampoo is fun for me because this was my first, ehehe. After I finished using it, I rinsed it under running water and returned it to the box to dry. 

After I'm done with washing my hair with the luscious foam, I rinsed it all away. The first thing I noticed is that my hair feels tangled. I can't run my fingers through my hair smoothly like I used to when I'm using my old, silicone-based shampoo. It's not the greatest feeling in the world, but I'll manage. 

Once out of the shower, I dried my hair with a towel, just patting it slightly on the scalp and ends. I then comb it with a wide teeth comb to prevent any hair breakage. I continued to let it air dry on its own. I feel that whilst drying, it felt the same as I would use my old shampoo. 

However, I do notice a difference when it has dried. My hair looks shinier and has a little more body to it. Not much, but a slight volume. I can run my fingers through my hair without it being much of a challenge like it was when my hair was wet. Honestly, I didn't expect my hair to be soft when it's dry because I skipped conditioner. If I were to use conditioner, it would be softer, silkier and not tangled as much.

As for the scent, I don't particularly notice a fresh ocean, lemony scent. It just leaves my hair with a clean scent, without any strong lemon or jasmine scent. Also, I notice that I can get away with washing my hair every other day instead of every day. My hair doesn't look greasy the next day, which I totally love.

Overall, for the past two weeks, I have been enjoying washing my hair and actually look forward to the experience. Although I dislike the feeling of my hair getting all tangled in the shower when I rinsed it, I like the  soft and shiny (not greasy) look to my hair when it's dry. Plus, it's free of silicones, which I need so much right now. It is hard to get in Jakarta, but I'll manage. Priced at SGD $20.00, I'd say that this is worth my money because I can see it last for over a month. 

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