Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nichijou: Short but Sweet

Hello, lovelies~ A few days ago, I went with Mr. G for a short holiday, as I've stated in my previous post. So, here are the rest of the pictures of our holiday in Singapura~

We went to Plaza Singapura because Mr. G wanted to look for a micro HDMI cable and I wanted to go to Sasa. So, we hopped on the MRT to Plaza Singapura~ Mr. G got his cable and since I wanted to explore more to Watsons and LUSH and stuff, we grabbed a bite to eat beforehand. 

Since I didn't want Mr. G to wait for me while I do my cosmetic shopping (and Christmas Swap!), I told him to stay at the apartment instead. Afterwards, it's onward to Watsons, Sephora and Lush, baby! 
The Benefit stand at Sephora
I looked around to see what's new and found essence. The brand is from Poland and their prices aren't way up high like the others. I've seen some reviews on essence, so I thought I'd give it a go. I bought a mousse foundation because I wanted to see how it goes on like. The review is definitely coming!

I went to LUSH (as usual) to get a bath bomb because the apartment has a bath tub. Yeay for bath tubs! I ended up with the So White bath bomb, Seanik and Aqua Mirabillis. I'm now eyeing the Ickle Bot bath bomb because it has a Lavender scent that is just my favorite! Pluz, the appearance is just too cute! ^_^ 
It has a little something something inside. Wonder what it is..
I love this scent, regretted not getting it! T_T
Ickle Bot. Soooo cuteeee
Seanik Solid Shampoo. Love it so far!
Aqua Mirabillis Body Butter. I like the exfoliating property more than its moisturizing ability.
I've already used the bath bomb and you can check out my video on how it looks like. Please excuse my high-school-girl screams when I see the bath bomb fizzes. That's my little brother that I'm talking to in the video, btw.

The next day, we wanted to go to Universal Studios, but the weather looked a bit scary and the weather forecast said that it might rain heavily up to the point of having thunderstorms. So, we just decided to have a lazy casual day at Orchard Road. We didn't wanna go to far and get stuck in the rain, so off we go to eat Santouka Ramen. Before we reached the restaurant, we passed by Orchard Central and saw a hot pink, fuschia, purple-ish Christmas decoration and took a picture in front of it. Pffftt, tourists, lol.

I'm bad at taking self pictures ~_~"
We reached the restaurant just in time because it started to rain heavily once we were inside the restaurant. I got Shoyu Ramen and Mr. G ordered Char Siu Ramen. I like the texture of the ramen because it's chewy and the broth is flavorful.

It was supposed to be cool, but someone is at the back
My Shoyu Ramen~
After that, we went to Kinokuniya because I just like going there. I love looking at the abundance of books surrounding me, lol. Mr. G bought a book for his friend and I bought myself a magazine. At first, I wanted to get the mook from Liz Lisa, but there weren't any floral patterns as she was pairing with My Melody. Huft..

Before we head home, we went to Takashimaya's food court and I bought chocolate taiyaki and cheese taiyaki for Mr.G for our breakfast the next morning.
I remember going crazy over this food
Before we head back to Jakarta, we had dinner at Tonkichi with my little brother. As usual, I ordered the Chicken Katsu set that came with a bowl of rice and miso soup. I stopped by Daiso to get some stuff for the apartment before heading back home.

Horse Fat? o_O

Silicone free hair serum
Chicken Katsu at Tonkichi
The damages to my wallet.
Haul post or haul video?
Mr. G said taaa~
So, that is my short but sweet holiday. I hope you enjoyed reading this long post. If not, then no worries. I'm going to be posting my reviews soon. Until then, I'll see you later~ 
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