Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nichijou: Panic and Rain

Hello, lovelies~ Not a beauty post today, instead, I will be sharing my holiday with you today.  I'm blogging from my phone because all of my pictures are taken using my phone. Lemme start my story as the title implies, P.A.N.I.C.

About a month ago, Mr.G asked me to spend holiday at Singapore. Maybe he noticed that I rarely traveled  so he decided to take me on a short holiday trip to Singapore. Awh, I melted on hearing the idea. So, we purchased our ticket online and departed Jakarta yesterday.

The panic aspect of the story was when we reached the immigration gate, the line was so long that I was afraid we won't make it inside the plane. The boarding gate closes at 05.20, while we were still stuck in the immigration line at 05.10! I felt desperate and already had plans in my head to take the next flight should we miss it.

However, as we were waiting in line, a gentleman in a uniform announced, "any passengers to Singapore on the 05.40 flight who hasn't boarded yet?". I heard that and immediately raised my hand, thank God! As I raised my hand,I saw that we weren't the only ones who were late. There were about 10 people who were as late as us. The gentleman told us to come to the front of the line and board the plane. Mr. G and I laughed and felt so relieved that we get to board the plane. *phew*

An hour-ish later, we arrived at Singapore with smiles on our faces. Yeaaay~We took the MRT to the city and rested before we went out to eat. Mr.G slept for a bit, while I went out to get myself some painkillers, makeup wipes and a pack of green tea. It was raining with thunders everywhere, I got soaked wet. Urgh..
Reached the apt

I'm having menstrual cramps on holiday. Great..
Later that night, we went out to Orchard Road to eat. We wanted to eat Japanese curry, but I can't find one in ION, so we ate at Tonkichi Takashimaya. It was delicious!
Chicken Katsu Curry
They're already putting up their Christmas decorations and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. ∩__∩

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas *singing*

So, that is what we did on our first day here. Today, we'll probably go shop at Plaza Singapore. Thanks for reading and we'll see you in my next post.

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