Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DOAPJ Gift Ideas For Gamer Guys

Hello, lovelies~ As you all may realize, the year is coming to a close. Yes. December is slowly creeping up on us and Christmas will soon be here! Are you excited?! I sure am. I don't really celebrate Christmas, but I enjoy the atmosphere. Everything all red and green with Christmas carols coming out of the speakers in almost every department stores. It just feels so warm and cozy and magical. 

With that being said, I am sure that most of you are going to get presents for family, friends or even your significant others. Or crushes, whichever. I know that getting a gift for someone may be the hardest thing to do, especially if that someone already has everything. However, keep in mind that whatever you get him/her, as long as you mean it from the bottom of your heart, I'm sure that the message will get across. 

Since most of my readers are female, I decided to make a gift guide for guys. To start, I am going to do a gift guide for guys who are into video games. The guys who spent most of their life time in front of the computer monitor playing FPS' or strategies or whatever. Some of these are the things that I have tried and enjoyed, even though I am nowhere near the definition of a gamer. These are Mr. G's, not mine. Also, I listed the online shop where we bought these things. I love their service as they are friendly and helpful in every way. Shout out to Digicore Xtreme! ^_^ v

  1. Mechanical keyboard. People who are into FPS will most definitely like this type of keyboard. This allows them to press more than 3 buttons at the same time without having any lag in their movements. My preference for mechanical keyboard is Filco, but there are other brands. Keep in mind that these things are loud. (Filco Majestouch 2 (Blue Switch/Full Size), US $153.00 at Digicore Xtreme)
  2. Headset with a built in mic. Find one that has soft paddings on the ears, so it wouldn't hurt if they use it for hours. The built in mic makes it easier to talk to other players without any more mess. ( Steelseries Siberia V-2 Full Size USB, $138.00, Digicore Extreme
  3. Mouse pad. I like Mr. G's mouse pad a lot because of the cloth texture/surface. It makes the pointer glide more smoothly and steadily, without being jerky during gameplay. (Steelseries QcK+, US $23.00, Digicore Xtreme)
  4. Game collectibles. For these, you would have to know what games they like, so you can get the right collectibles. A few online shops offer this, but if not, there's always Amazon and eBay. Just be careful when shopping in eBay, though. 
  5. Eye Mask Pack. As a beauty blogger, I managed to slip in one beauty item for the guys. I usually give this to Mr. G after a few session of COD, if I remember. This helps to cool down the eye area and relaxes them for a bit before the new round starts. (Aqua Eye Mask Large, Rp 79,000, The Body Shop)
I hope this kinda gives you an idea on what to get for someone who are so much into games. PC games, specifically, as you can probably tell from the items above. Hey, I'm not a gamer, but I am so much in love with the keyboard and headset. Best of luck in finding the right gift for your loved one!

P.S: Not being paid by anyone to write this post. I just wanted to help you in picking out gifts for your loved ones. ^_^
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