Friday, October 19, 2012

Skin Aqua Beauty Talk at Tartine f(x)

Hello, lovelies~ If you have been reading my blog for quite some time, you'll probably know that I have been a fan of Skin Aqua ever since I saw them at Watsons a year ago with Mr. G. I was so thrilled that I got all of the variants at the same time! Yes,  I know it sounds really greedy, but hey, my blog's name is product junkie, right? Note to self, do a background history on this blog sometimes. Geez, even in writing I can still ramble, amazing. *rolls eyes*

One last ramble before the event. If you wanted to see reviews on Skin Aqua (as I have done it a year ago), just click on the words below.

Anyway, talking about how much I love Skin Aqua, I was given the chance to attend the Beauty Talk event by Skin Aqua which was held at Tartine, f(x). I went with Endi (and my driver, of course!) to the event and Jakarta's traffic was not too bad that day (surprisingly), so we arrived on time. We met Franky, Gabby, Vheii, Silke and Cilla before we all head down to the restaurant for the event. 
It looks bloody red on the photo, but I promise, this isn't a scary restaurant.
Soon after we registered, I saw how comfortable and cozy the ambience felt. Oops, this isn't a 'Dine With Me' series, Phanie. Focus. On the stage, I saw three chairs with a Skin Aqua backdrop and a white screen for the presentation. The seats were arranged neatly so that even the farthest guest can still hear what the host said. 
See how norak they were? Hahahaha, *ampun*

They listed the variants of Skin Aqua Sunscreens
They provided two booths, one from Skin Aqua and one from Lip on Lip. They also provided a Skin Check booth, where we stick our face inside that capsule-looking-thingy to see if we have spots underneath our skin that hasn't surfaced yet. Truth be told, I didn't check my skin that night as I was too afraid to see the results. Gomen ne, Skin Aqua~ 
Please, please, please excuse my pictures. I'm trying out a digicam, but they failed to impress
at the end of the night. ~_~

Mbak Dessy, the brave.

So bright!
As I chatted with the other beauty bloggers (Feli and Nita), the beauty assistant came and offered us the Lip On Lip testers to swatch. I have already done a review on these, you can check it out right here. I liked the Lip on Lip lipsticks as they feel moisturizing and gives a hint of color at the same time. 

The lipstick and lip balm from Lip On Lip.

Before the event started, the staff from Skin Aqua welcomed us to dinner. I had a very enjoyable dinner and I especially liked the fried fish with Asam Manis sauce. The fish is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Enough with the food, let's move on to the presentation.
As I don't have a picture of my food, let me show others who have finished eating.
Right after the host greeted us, the event started with a brief presentation from Ms. Adira (I'm sorry if I got your name wrong) about the latest fashion trend for this autumn/fall season. It was very inspiring as I liked the pairings that were presented and thought I can still incorporate them in my clothing style.

The next segment was a word or two from Mr. Furuya Akiyoshi, who is the Vice President of Rohto Laboratories Indonesia. He explained that the people in Japan are beginning to be more aware of their skin and started to wear sunscreen more often than usual. Skin Aqua is one of them because it doesn't feel sticky or heavy right after using it. 

After Furuya-san's segment, we continued the event with a more in depth explanation from Ms. Dita (I'm sorry if I got your name wrong) about Skin Aqua. I am going to summarize what she said that night in bullet points down below:
  • There are four variants of Skin Aqua sunscreen that is catered to every skin type, they are:
    • UV Mild Milk SPF 25/PA++: For those with dry and sensitive skin
    • UV Moisture Gel SPF 30/PA++: For those with normal and/or oily skin
    • UV Moisture Milk SPF 50+/PA+++: Has the highest SPF. For those who are always outdoors
    • UV Whitening Milk SPF 20/PA++: For those who wants a brighter looking skin
  • Skin Aqua has a broad spectrum sunscreen protecting factor and photoaging protection as it has both SPF and PA.
  • SPF (Sun Protecting Factor) protects our skin from UVB rays, whilst PA protects us from UVA rays. 
  • UVA ray has the longest wavelengths so it can penetrate the deepest skin layers, causing early aging, fine lines and darkening of the skin.
  • UVB rays has a medium wavelength, so it can only penetrate the top layers of the skin, causing sun burn and skin irritation
  • Sunscreen needs to be reapplied throughout the day, especially if we are sweating or our skin comes in contact with water.
The cute samples that are available in most drugstores now
The difference between Skin Aqua with the other sunscreen is the ingredients that helps to moisturize and protects the skin from the sun. The contents of Skin Aqua are:
  • Improved Hyaluronic Acid that moisturizes the skin twice than the usual Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Collagen that soften and maintains the elasticity of the skin 
  • Vitamins that helps nourish the skin.

They're not kidding when they say beauty talk, huh? I received so many information about Skin Aqua and sunscreen, in depth. I like that. Not many brands can explicitly explain down right to the details on how their products work. Salute~ 

The event ended with a few questions from the audience and the winners of the door prize. It was a very fun and informative night, plus I get to meet the other beauty bloggers so I can put a face behind that blog. I met with the lovely Felicia. We also took a group photo as usual before we leave. 
Both have similar hair styles :p

Felicia and I.

Group photo before leaving~

Another pic with Feli. 

Gabby and I

The rest of the gang before going home

Chatted with Franky, whom I haven't seen in the longest time!
Thank you, Skin Aqua Indonesia for hosting such a lovely and knowledgeable night! I really enjoyed the event and hope to see you in the next event. ^_^  

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  1. ahhhphaniee. it was me that excited to (finally) see you!! *fangirl* hoho.. i love reading your blog for the longest time, and got a chance to meet you! what a great night that i have! *udah ah ntar lu serem lagi sama gw. haahaha* love your writing and ramble as always! see you in the next eventt :D :D

  2. Fel, I immediately recognized you when you sat with Nita. Hahaha, ga lah, it's always good to have more friends. ^_^ Kapan2 kita gathering beauty blogger jakarta utara..

  3. yah komen aku hampir sama isinya sama kaya ce felis hahaha lol gathering beauty blogger jakarta utara!!! loving your post as always :)

    btw pose aku di group photos ga banget huaaa lololol

  4. Beatrix, hai haiii~ Maap yah salah sebut blogmu pas ketemu, hehehe.. Gpp, fotonya bagus semua koq itu~ Nice to meet you, btw.. ^_^