Friday, October 26, 2012

Nichijou: I ♡ Bazaar Jakarta

Hello, lovelies~ Since I didn't have anything important to do today, I went to the Bazaar that is still going on in Grand Indonesia. I can't go on the weekends because I already have plans with my family, so I decided to go on a weekday, which is today.
The entrance

Clothes from Nylon are the front stand

The food section


They have mostly fashion items, ranging from clothes, shoes, accessories, and bags. I didn't see any makeup items, but I found a soap stand. What makes it unique is the shapes. They're called Bubble Soaps and they have cute shapes, even Hello Kitty. 
Bubble Soap Stand

Hello Kitty!!

Cute shapes

A slice of cake maybe

They even have an ice cream shaped soap

Guns for the boys
They also have a food section, or rather homemade cakes section right next on the left side of the entrance. They have cake brands that I have never heard before in my life. One of the brands that intrigued me was Cake Velvet. It was like a cupcake, but packaged in a jar. It was so cute and efficient! 

There were other cake and pudding stands that we bought to eat at home. My brother even bought a chocolate pie from Cait and Becs! Glutton! rolling on the floor 

Mango pudding from Kana's Delight

This stand screams Halloween, doesn't it?
The guy has purple highlights!

So, if you were in the area and have time to spare, try going to this Bazaar. It's located in Grand Indonesia West Mall until this Sunday, 28th October 2012. Lemme know what things you get from there. See you later. 

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  1. OMG! itu yg bentuknya so so so damn cute itu sabun, ce?? >.< ya ampuun! itu sih lebih cocok jadi pajangan! wkwkwkwk

  2. Adel, iya, nahan diri banget ga borong semuanya, hahaha.. ^_^