Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nichijou: Grey's Anatomy

Hello, lovelies~ Any of you watched the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy? I just did and I was very touched at the scene when Bailey was cleaning the microwave and grumbled to Webber on  why she was pissed off most of the times. 

It turns out that Tuck (her son) just went to kindergarden and she thought he was gonna cry and not let go of her hand. However, Tuck let go of her hand, walked to school and never looked back. Not even once. 

That kinda upsets her and she called her ex husband, but he was busy. So, she called Ben (her boyfriend), but he was busy as well with a laparoscopic surgery, as well. She felt kinda left out because everybody sorta "left" her and she felt that nobody needed her.

Webber replied with this quote that made me teary (a little bit):
You know what happens when someone let’s go of your hand? You get it back. It’s a good thing. Interns let go, and Tuck let go, and even Ben let go. And they’re all still there, they all still love you. But it means you get your hand back, it means you have time. Not to wash the dishes; to do something, to get out there, find diseases to cure, to take it to the next level. Hell, it means invent the Bailey method. You gotta get out there, do something, and don’t look back.

It kinda hits me on a personal note because I was sorta going through the same thing. No, I don't have a child yet, but something similar. I can't really go into much detail here, but somehow I felt comforted by that scene. The sentence "And they’re all still there, they all still love you" is what made me shed a tear. 

Sorry for quite a personal post. I just feel like sharing the quote with you guys. ^_^ 
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  1. Udah gak pernah nonton Grey's lagi...

    lebih setia sama Dr.House... :D

  2. Sayang House dah tamat sih.. Tapi, endingnya awh-moment banget... ^___^