Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lively Night with Luxola

Hello, lovelies~ Last Thursday night, Luxola invited a few bloggers for a small gathering to talk about their website that now ships to our lovely country, Indonesia.

Yes! Isn't that awesome news?! I kept saying awesome while Alexis and Camille (the founders) explained the website and the system.

You can switch the currencies to Indonesian Rupiah! 
The front page of the website. They have a promotion already, girls~ ^_^ 
Luxola isn't just a place to shop, but a place to learn new things.

Why? How? Really?

Well, Luxola has their own blog where they share beauty tips and tricks, like the current Chevron manicure that you can do yourself at home.
That is just unique, check out the page by clicking here
If you are more of a visual girl and studies things from videos, fret not. Luxola has videos on how to look gorgeous in 3 (three) minutes.
Edward Bess, a beautiful former male model that makes his own makeup line,
exclusive only at Luxola. Check out the video here.
Any-way, when I stepped into the room, I see tons of makeup being displayed on table. These are the brands that are going to be sold on their website, just laying there on the table. There were foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadow palette, and many more.

They have various makeup brands from all over the world, from the US, UK, Greece, and many more. I get to play with some of them, so here are the pics.
This is a makeup brand that was made by a former model, Edward Bess.
I was blown away by the Quad Royale! Definitely putting it in my wishlist!

The famous UK brand nail polish, Models' Own.
The colors are so cute~

I nearly flip when I saw this one. Korres Lip Butters has been in my wishlist for the longest time!
It is a tinted lip balm, but it has no parabens, phtalates, etc. So getting this!

One of the most renowned eyeshadow palette all over the world, Sleek Makeup.
They are remarkable~

I finally get to play with Face Atelier! Have heard so many good things about them
from UK Youtubers. I am so in love with the Facade, a cream-to-powder blush.

I got to meet with Endi, Rini, and Priscil, it felt like ages since I last met them. *hugs* We shared cupcakes and had a blast chatting the night away. It was an unforgettable gathering filled with laughter. In short, it was awe-so-me~!
Cute and delicious cupcakes

Priscilla and I
click her name to go to her blog

Endi, Rini and I
click their names to go to their blog

Rini, Comi and I

Comi and I

Rini and I with our goodie bags.
Mine has a cupcake :p

Any gathering wouldn't be complete without a group photo
Smile, guys~
Thank you, Camile and Alexis for opening their hands to us and being the greatest hosts ever! I was so surprised to see Face Atelier Facade in my goodie bag. I love love love it!
Camille - Yours Truly - Alexis
Thank you for such a lovely and thoughtful goodie bag.
I will forever cherish the Face Atelier Facade *drama, much?*
No, but seriously, I will. ^_^
So, what are you waiting for? Go check out Luxola at for the world of makeup is just on your fingertips. I'll see you guys later~

P.S: I blogged about my OOTD (Outift Of The Day) right here, just click here to check it out~ ^_^

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  1. baru tau Luxola,,cek ah ke websitenya :D btw ce phanie ngabisin brp cupcakes? hahah

  2. Deborah Lippmann!!! Want! Hahahahaha XDD

  3. Adel, hati2 racunnya banyak, wkwkwk, ^__^ dah ga keitung kayanya :P

    Flow, glittery fun Deborah Lippmann nya~ ^_^

  4. So FUN! I just bought that Deborah Lipmann nail polish last weekend! Hah! I love it. Nice goodies btw. So jealous. I sant so badly to have sleek palette but the one I want is not allowed to be shipped to the US. Sucks! Great u guys have tons of fun. Btw does this website ships international or indo only?