Monday, October 22, 2012

Lancome Tresor In Love Review (and Rambles)

Hello, lovelies~ As you know I rarely review perfumes, but I thought I should start because there are a lot of perfumes I would like to share with you. Even though my skill in describing scents are awful to begin with, but my liking in sharing stuff with you is greater, so there's that. 

I used to be someone who only prefers one perfume and will buy a new one if that old one runs out. However, lately, as the time goes, I think I've changed. I started collecting perfumes with lovely scents and, if possible, a cute or lovable bottle. 

My first perfume that I wanted to share with you is an old perfume that was first launched in 2011 from Lancome. This is my first ever item from Lancome as I have yet to try their makeup items. Well, that's another story. Anyway, the perfume is called Tresor in Love. As usual, my ramblings will begin.... Now! If you wanna skip it, feel free to, no hard feelings there. 

My first encounter with this perfume was weeks ago when I went to Karawaci Mall. When I was about to pay for my things at the cashier, I passed by an array of perfume testers that was neatly placed in a line. Being me, myself and I, I stopped and sniffed some of them that piqued my interest. I thought Armani's Acqua Di Gio would be lovely, but it just wasn't my scent. 

I tested a few more perfumes and stopped at Lancome Tresor in Love. It was instant love at first sight scent as I can smell a hint of jasmine in there. At that point, I'm not even sure if it's jasmine, but it smells nice and florally. I immediately emailed Dad because he was currently at Singapore then, so he can buy me the perfume at the duty free stores in the airport while he's waiting to board. Right? I know, such a spoiled brat, you may think. It's okay, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. ^_^

Anyway, on with the story, after Dad got back from Singapore, I finally have the perfume in my hands to review. Yeaaay, for Dad! 

The perfume came with a separate soft pink box that has the label Tresor In Love in the front. On the sides, it has the ingredients and on the back it has the description of the perfume. Once it is opened, it has to be used within 24 months, or else! 

Once out of the box, the perfume bottle is quite tall sizing around 15-ish cm with an octagonal bottle shape that gets smaller in diameter to the bottom. Tied on the neck of the perfume is a black fabric rose with an elastic band. So chic and feminine! I love it!

The lovely rose with an elastic band

Lancome Tresor In Love
A touch of nectarine and cedar wood, a rose with character and a luminous jasmine, compose this irresistible floral fragrance.

I knew it! I knew there was a jasmine there somewhere, hahaha.. Anyway, I'll try to describe the scent the best I can, to my power, my strength, hoooooooooooo!!! 
So, the scent started with a fruity sweetness that is not too overpowering to my olfactory senses. It kinda smells like peaches to me, very fruity. I couldn't smell the rose or cedar wood, but I can smell a soft jasmine scent, even though it is very minimal. The scent lasted long enough on my body, around 6 hours. In short, this is a fruity floral perfume that has more of a fruity scent

When I sniffed this, all I can picture is a warm sunny day, strolling through a garden of flowers with a sundress and hat, enjoying the breeze as it blows through my hair. Very poetic, I know. Cheesy, as well. That's what I had in mind when I sniffed it for the first time. 

If you're into light, fresh, fruity floral scent, give this one a quick sniff when you see it. You'll probably like it. Or not. LOL. I searched for the ad and found it. It was so sweet and romantic, not to mention Caleb Lane (the male model) is gawjus to the max! Oh, the dress has the same rose concept that is applied to the bottle. ^_^ So chic!

Tell me what your favorite items from Lancome, so I'll know what to try first. See you in my next post~ ^_^ 

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  1. Lancome Tresor yang Midnight Rose juga enak wanginya >.<

  2. no no no, you're not a spoiled brat for asking your dad to buy things at the duty free shop .... because actually i did the same thing!! lololol.

    i somehow love your ramblings, it's funny and entertaining!


  3. mels, dia lebih ke floral atau musky? Aku rada ga suka kalo musky, hehehe.. ^_^

    Beatrix, yeaay~ Kalo lebih murah kan mengapa tidak, ya kan ya kan? Hahaha, thanks for liking my ramblings, I can't seem to stop. ^_^