Friday, October 12, 2012

DIY Strawberry Yogurt Mask

Hello, lovelies~ I've had many suggestions to do more DIY videos in the survey that I conducted. So, I tried to make more DIYs now. I just realized it was fun to do! Anyway, I made a new DIY face mask from strawberry and yogurt, you can check it out in the video below. I hope you enjoyed it!

Oh, check out my other blogger friend who had done the Strawberry Yogurt Mask, but she added oatmeal in the mix. If you wanna know how she did her version, just click it here. Thanks for coming and I'll see you later~ ^_^ 
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  1. aaah thanks cc udh dimention hehe ^^
    aku blm smpt ntn videonya ni >.< inet lemot fiuh

  2. Vee, sama2~ Gpp, yang penting kan kamu udah pernah pake, hehehe ^_^ Enak yah adem2 ama jadi ga gitu berminyak mukaku. ^_^

  3. lagi2 suara ce phanie yg bener2 kaya suara penyiar radio :D makasih ya ce, tips diy nya, aku mau nyoba bikin ah!

  4. Adeeeeel, you sure know how to make my day~ Hahaha, suaraku bindeng to the max kalo aku sendiri ngedengernya.. -_-"" Link aku yah kalo kamu dah nyobain~ Mo liat juga.. ^_^