Saturday, October 20, 2012

BOO! Bazaar at Fairground, Jakarta

Hello, lovelies~ Not a beauty related post today, but rather a story of my life, if you are interested. Tee hee. I went to the BOO! Bazaar with my bestie, Neng, and her friend, Jeane. It was held for two days, 19-20 October, at the Fairground, SCBD, Jakarta. 

We reached quite early around 12.30-ish and met up with Jeane at the entrace of the Bazaar. We were welcomed by the iconic fruit of October or Halloween, the pumpkin. 

The entrance to the Bazaar is free, which is great because if you're just there to browse around, there won't be any need to pay for admission. Inside the bazaar, I can already see lots of vendor selling everything that a girl would want. We wanted to eat first before we took a stroll around the bazaar, but we passed by a couple of vendors that sell fashion items and accessories.

They have accessories

I found a cute ring here, but I didn't buy it, huee..

Cute cupcakes~
We reached the food area (the first), bought some coupons to trade for food and a ticket to see the fortune teller. We had fun with the fortune teller since he told us a few things that hits 'the spot' in our lives. It was all in good fun, we enjoyed the session with the fortune teller. I won't tell you what he said, of course. ^_^

I love this fries~

Didn't see Jeane at the back, ^_^ 
Felt like taking a picture with the cute, gothic envelopes

Siomay shared between the three of us
Right after that, we explored every inch of the bazaar, hoping to find something good. Neng and Jeane bought a few items, while I didn't. I was already out of my budget this month in shopping, so I held back and didn't buy anything. 
They decorated the ceilings with Jack O' Lanterns and bats

Some artsy fartsy pic

They have baby stuff as well!
Before we go home, we decided to take a look at the other food area, which sells Bon Chon Chicken. Neng has been yapping about this specific food since 2 or 3 days ago to me. It was delicious, the spice is just right, although the fries was cold, but it was good. 
Dorritos with cheese

Bon Chon chicken, which is surprisingly good!

Black Velvet.
It tastes as bad as it looks, hahaha ^_^ 

All in all, it was a fun and enjoyable day, especially the part with the fortune teller. It was finally nice to meet you, Jeane. 

Me - Neng - Jeane

Nice to meet you, Jeane~ ^_^ 

Anyway, thanks for reading and I'll see you in my next post~ ^_^ 
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  1. cuman dua hari.... *garuk laptop*. sayang banget yah kenapa engga sampe Halloween. :( makananya seru-seru semua :D

  2. Marsha, ga tau tuh, mungkin ada plan lagi kali pas Halloween di tempat itu. ^_^ Bon Chonnya enak lhooo~

  3. Aaaa rame makanannya ce *-* uuuu
    kkk fortune teller kalau di acara2 begini laris manis, >< sahabat aku ada yg fortune teller tapi aku malah takut buat 'dibaca' sama dia

    ah itu makanannyaaa ><

  4. Dita, minta dibacain aja, kan ga semuanya bakal kejadian, all in good fun aja~ Bon Chon chicken nya enaaaak.. Hehehe.. ^_^