Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Week Towards Halloween!

Hello, lovelies~ A week to go before Halloween, have you guys prepared a costume yet? I planned on spending it at home, hahaha.. So, I've planned on doing this look for Halloween earlier this month, but I got caught up in my schedule and just had the time to do it now. At least, it's not Halloween yet, right? So, check it out~ ^_^ 

I'm sure all of the looks are ranging more like these types of scars and zombies and stuff, but since I did Bloody Zombie Doctor last year and slab my face with white paint, I won't do that this year. 
What I did last year

Sooo... Without further ado, I named this look 'Eye See You
Huh? This is pretty? No?
I'm still beautiful, no?

It hurts? A bit, I guess

You don't like blood? Really?

What do you think? I was thinking of sticking a knife on it, but I couldn't find a realistic looking knife. I had tons of fun doing this look, I hope you do too. 
See.. you.. later..

Until then, I'll see you later~ ^_^/~~

P.S: Check out other members of IBB doing their Halloween look, like Lee Via, for one. Tell her, "DOAPJ sent me here", and say hi to her for me! ^_^ 
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  1. Whoaaaaaa like it.....
    Horornya dapeeeet bangeeeeet.... >.<

  2. Like it sis..efek berdarah-darah gt dapet banget...
    Aku buka td malam...sampe kageet sendiri >.<
    Xixixii....It mean you got a horor make up...thumb up.xixixii