Friday, September 28, 2012

My Current Foundation Routine

Hello, lovelies~ Today, I wanted to share my foundation routine with you. This doesn't include the eye and lip makeup. Here are the products that I use. I tried to use makeup products that are available here in Indonesia, but I haven't found a great drugstore primer, so I used Benefit's. For the makeup application, you can see the video down below.

For a long lasting makeup, I apply a primer. Currently, I'm using Benefit POREfessional primer that blends easily and creates a smooth, silky canvas for better foundation application. With such a smooth face, the foundation won't sink in into fine lines. It also helps to minimize the appearance of pores. 

Before foundation, I like to color correct some areas on my face. Just remember to use the color wheel for better understanding of what to color correct. Green will help tone down any redness on the face, purple helps to highlight the face and orange helps to counteract any darkness under my eye. Also, I like to apply it before foundation so the colors will blend beautifully. I like Makeover Camouflage Cream Face Concealer for correcting those areas.

For foundation, I like to use a liquid foundation and mineral powder foundation. I chose the latter if I had bad acne or just for quick application. I prefer sheer to medium coverage because I find it looks natural on me. Full coverage foundation tends to look cakey on me. Lately, I am loving Wardah Luminous Liquid Foundation because it's lightweight, perfect for everyday use.

Continuing with a concealer, I love the NYX HD Photogenic Concealer because of the pigmentation and it's ability to cover acne and acne scars. It's important to start with a little concealer rather than piling on a large amount of it in the first place.

Last makeup item for my foundation routine is a loose powder. It's important to set my makeup because it makes it last a lot longer and eliminate any shine I may have on my face. I use one from PIGEON in the shade translucent, so it won't add any more color.

I hope you enjoyed my brief post and video. I have read some of your survey answers and some are quite brilliant. I enjoyed reading it and will definitely try to incorporate them into my blog and youtube channel. Thanks for being lovey readers (or rather, friends), I'll see you in my next post~ ^_^ 


  1. Can you do a full review on that concealer? TIA :)

  2. Rizky, I already did! ^_^ You can check it out here

  3. Can you make a review about make over camouflage concealer? I'm kinda in between to buy or not. I would be grateful if you willing to do it. Thank you..

    1. Sure, I'll have it up by next month, thanks for visiting my blog. ^^