Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dine With Me: Fancy Bubble Tea At Calais

Hello, lovelies~ Do you like bubble tea? The beverage with those tapioca pearls? Well, a new bubble tea store named Calais has just opened in Kelapa Gading Mall. Yesterday, I went there to run a few errands and dropped by to try out the drinks. 

The place has a laid back feel to it, where you would hang out with friend and catch up with their stories. They have small wooden tables with their signature moustache logo imprinted on each table surface. I liked how they have colored walls that has steps to choosing your drinks

This wall is just too cute
At the counter, before ordering, the waitress asked the level of sweetness of our drinks. Since this is my first visit, I chose the normal levels first to know what the regular beverage taste like.

I ordered the Iced Signature Chocolate because I'm not in the mood for tea-based beverages that day. My brother got the Dark Cafe Moccha since he doesn't like bubble tea, weird kid. I liked that they provided other options, so people who are not too fond of bubble tea can still accompany their friend and drink something else. They have a wide range of beverages from Sweet Rose Tea, Honeydew Milk Tea to Cafe Moccha and Capuccino. 
The lid has a moustache as well~
The Iced Signature Chocolate has a creamy consistency with the right amount of chocolate taste and sweetness. Although, I would like to try a reduced level of sugar next time! I also chose the original bubble as my topping because I just adore bubbles or pearls. The pearls are all equally chewy, without having a hard texture in the center. When I have my bubble tea at other place, some of the pearls usually have a hard center as if they are not cooked through. However, these pearls from Calais are all equally perfect! 

The hot Dark Chocolate Cafe Moccha is one of the few drinks that wow-ed my brother. He enjoys his coffee black or served as an espresso, so Cafe Moccha, Capuccino or Coffee Latte won't usually leave an impression on him. At the first sip, the temperature of the hot moccha is just served perfectly. It is in between warm and hot, where you can take a sip using the small coffee straw. I can taste the dark chocolate when I first sipped it, but the taste coffee dominated at the end. I just love the combination of these two. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my first visit to Calais and will definitely be coming back for their other signature beverages. Probably when Mr. G comes for another visit, I'll take him there to get his favorite Taro Milk Tea. If you want a flavorful, yet classic taste of bubble tea with a coffee option, try this out. It may be addictive, so watch out. ^_^ 
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