Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: dermaE DMAE-Alpha Lipoic C-Ester Creme

Hello, lovelies~ Lately, I have been trying to avoid parabens in my skincare, even though it is hard to find affordable paraben-free products. I stumbled on dermaE a few months ago and thought I'd give it try. I bought the hyaluronic acid serum and this creme that has a very long name.

The creme comes in a separate box that has the ingredients list printed on it. Inside, the creme is packaged in a jar with a white twist off lid. I'm not a big fan of the packaging, so I used a cotton bud every time I want to get the product on my face. No biggie.

The creme is paraben-free and mineral oil-free, which I love from the start. It contains Jojoba seed oil, vitamin C, DMAE, vitamin E and vitamin A. All of which are good in moisturizing the skin. The Lavandula Angustifolia oil acts as the fragrance of this product, which I personally don't like too much. I can't really describe the scent, but I think it's supposed to be a lavender kind of smell. It still has preservatives, which is the Phenoxyethanol, but it's nothing to worry about.

The product itself is a creamy light brown consistency that spreads easily on my face. It feels a little greasy at first, but after a few moments when the creme sinks in, the greasiness goes away. I would recommend this to those with combination skin type that has problems with dullness and sagging. The Vitamin C and DMAE contents are reported to stimulate the production of collagen, hence contributing to firmer looking skin. As it contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, it may have a tingling sensation to your skin, but it goes away after 30 seconds or so.

I usually use this when I'm having acne all over my face as a night creme. No, it doesn't help to reduce the acne and make them all go away. It's just a change from my retinoic acid night cream that tends to make my acne worse. You get what I mean? If I apply retinoic acid when my skin is having acne, the retinoic acid contents have a tendency to make the acne worse.

I like this as my retinoic acid replacement because it still stimulates my skin's collagen production and makes my face firmer and brighter. All thanks to Vitamin C! All in all, I'd say this is a great cream for you who has dull, sagging looking skin and is looking for an alternative from retinoic acid cream. However, the price is expensive as it lacks parabens, mineral oil and all the other bad stuff. I think it was around the Rp 200,000 something range
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  1. Hello! Just wondering where you got these products around that price ^^ Cos I tried Guardian but the price range there is IDR 350-400thousand for dermaE products. Thanks!

    1. I bought it when it was on sale at Guardian a couple of months ago. Normally the price would be around 300-400. ∩__∩

    2. Just checked at Guardian, it was normally at Rp 365,000. ∩__∩