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Review: Caring Colours Fair White Blemless Balm Cream

Hello, lovelies~ I haven't been trying out a lot of BB creams lately, so I'm off for another adventure into the BB cream world. First stop is a BB cream from a local brand, Caring Colors called Fair White Blemless Balm Cream.

The product is placed in white and pink squeeze tube with a silver twist off cap. Although it is a squeeze tube, it's quite fat and chubby, unlike other squeeze tube I've ever encountered. In Indonesian, we call it bantet, which technically means fat and chubby.

I've never had any trouble opening the aluminium seal, but this one is tricky. Even if I've already removed the aluminium seal, there is still plastic underneath that I need to poke with a sharp object to get the product out.

The BB cream contains Squalane and Beeswax, which are good for moisturizing the skin. As for Arbutin, this ingredient helps to whiten the skin or rather even out the skin tone with continuous use. Paeonia suffruticosa root extract and Scutellaria baicalensis root extract act as a skin protectant. I haven't had a chance to dig deeper into these two ingredients, so I'll get to that later. The BB cream contains C13-14 Isoparaffin, which is mineral oil derived from Petrolatum, so those with sensitive skin or have a reaction towards mineral oil be aware. It also contains fragrance, but to my surprise there are no parabens.

The BB cream has one shade only, but it does have three variants. The other two being Everlast and Luminizing, one for oily skin and the latter for dry skin. The shade is more of a beige color. I didn't notice any shimmers or glitters in the BB cream.

The thing that irks me is the missing information on the amount of SPF/PA that this BB cream has. I see that it has chemical sunscreens, but why didn't they have it written on the box on the amount of sunscreen protecting factor or even the photo aging level?

It feels lightweight on my face when I finished blending the product evenly all over my face with my fingers. Right after dotting them on my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. The BB cream has a semi matte finish and it does slightly exaggerate the dry areas on the middle of my eyebrows right on the forehead. It's not something to rant about, don't worry.

It manages to even out my skin tone, especially the areas around my lips and nose. The pores on my cheeks also look slightly minimized, even though it's still there. It can't cover my sun spot, but then again it is not a concealer, d-uh~ I didn't use a primer underneath just to test out its strength. Another thing I love from this BB cream is its ability to create a smooth looking face without the white cast. I find the shade to match my skin tone and the BB cream is easily blended, even without primer.

Notice the red spots on my nose, uneven skintone around the nostrils and ginormous pores on my cheeks?
To see the difference, click on the pictures to enlarge them. 
The oil control of this BB cream is average on my T zone area, which is around 2 hours before it started to look a bit shiny.

However, in pictures (without flash), it looks good. The BB cream helped to create a flawless looking face when I'm far from it, definitely.

Overall, I like the feel of this BB cream as it is lightweight and has a semi matte finish. Even though it does slightly exaggerate the dry areas on my forehead, I liked that it has a non sticky finish. I have to say that I'm quite surprised that this doesn't contain any parabens, what with it being a local brand. Yet, it still contains fragrance, so people with sensitive skin should be aware.

Update from Caring Colours about the amount of SPF on the BB cream is 25

Reference For More Information on Ingredients
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  3. Hehehe, sukses yah sekolahnya~ Semangat~! ^_^

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    Kalo yang ini ga kaya berasa pake foundie, tapi coveragenya lumayan~ ^_^ Mizha, sering2 ngeblog duonks, senang baca blogmu. Sangat berisi dan bahasanya enak dibaca. *curhat*