Monday, August 27, 2012

How I Deal With Acne (back then)

Hello, lovelies~ As a teenager, I struggled with acne, a whole lot of times. In fact, I first had my acne when I was in the fourth grade! The acne on my face started to lessen these past two years. My skin looked better now, but there are still some acne popping up during my menstruation cycles. Here are some of the picture from around 7 years ago. You can see my acne is bad on my right cheek mostly.

Today, I wanted to share with you some of the products that worked for my acne or at least keep them at bay. There will be tips at the end of the post to my fellow acne-prone friends as well.

Let's start with face washes. Growing up, my mother used to give me soaps that are targeted for acne. Those that contained sulfur and is usually in a form of bar soap. While I thought I was drying out my skin so there won't be any excess oil, it turns out that drier skin can also lead to acne. Why is this possible, you ask?

Well, if the skin is dried out even further, stripping the oil off you face, the skin will generate more oils to keep the skin moist. If there is even double the amount of oil on your face, that will, indeed, increase the risk of breaking out even more.

I suggest choosing a face wash that is gentle (not hydrating). Ideally, this means that the face wash should be fragrance-free and colorant-free. This reduces the chances of irritation on your face because fragrances are classified as skin irritant. Also, pick a foam-type cleanser because this will help in removing the excess oils on your face. Two years ago, I use the Dove facial foam face wash, but it has been discontinued now. However, I now use Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Face Wash because the texture reminds me a lot of Dove.

Moving on to toners. Back when I had acne, I didn't remember using toners after my face wash. However, if you happen to use one, stick to toners that are alcohol-free. While it may feel instantly refreshing, the alcohol content may disrupt your skin's natural barrier and increase the risk of inflammation.

For serum, I use a lightweight, oil free serum that is chocked load with antioxidants to help my skin repair itself. Plus, I find that serums are the most concentrated so it's also good to find a serum that will helps heal your acne. For example, serums or essences that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. I still haven't found serums that contain salicylic acid that are cheap, but I'll update that later. Back then, I use Paula's Choice Antioxidant serum, but be sure that you're not allergic to dimethicones or the likes.

Acne usually pops up everywhere or just in a specific area. I use Benzolac, which is a combination of Clindamycin (antibiotic) and Benzoyl Peroxide on areas of my face that has acne. The antibiotic helps reduce the population of bacteria on that area and BP helps reduce the inflammation.
Moisturizers are usually the tricky part to acne prone skin. However, I would usually combine my moisturizer and sunscreen to ensure that my skin is not overly moisturized (a two in one product). Two years ago, I used the sunscreen from Neutrogena, but since you can't get my hands on that here, you may want to try the sunscreen gel from Skin Aqua.

I was tempted not to use any night creams because of the idea that my face will be oily anyways in the morning. Sometimes even a little too much oil, I might add. However, I started to use a cream that works to keep my acne and my oily skin managed. I switched my night creams to a retinoic acid-based cream that will do those things. I used it for a year, every night, taking a pea-sized amount for my whole face and neck.

Since two years ago, my skin has gotten better, even though there are still some acne and redness on my right cheek. My left cheek improved a lot, though.

My left cheek 2 years ago
My left cheek now
My right cheek 5 years ago
My right cheek now
That is all for my post today, I apologize if it was a little bit boring since there are no pictures. However, I just wanted to share with you what works for my skin and shoo-ed all the acne away. All I can say is be patient when dealing with acne. I hope you can get a gist of what may work for you and your skin type. 'Til then, I'll see you in my next post~ ^_^
I am still dealing with redness and minor acne scars
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  1. iya ci bar soap bikin kering banget, bikin muka jd kaku.. >,< . jmn jmnnya smp itu pake sabun muka ..

    1. Soalnya kyny pas jamanku itu, sabun batangan sulfur lagi ngetops abis, jadilah disuruh nyokap pake itu. Langsung makin jrwtan, wakakaka..

  2. Mungkin memang posisi dari kelenjar sebaseanya. Di Eve lebih banyak di pipi, sedangkan di kamu lebih banyak di dagu. ^^ Tapi, kamu mulus kok.. ^_^;;

  3. Berarti emang pas lagi puber aja nambah banyak ^_^

  4. Wah, sama kaya aku yang posisi jerawatnya. T_T Yang sabar kalo ngadepin jerawat, mungkin juga hormon kamu masih tinggi. ^_^

  5. Semangat menyelesaikannya yah.. Aku juga tinggal nyelesaiin si bekas2nya nih. ^^;;

  6. Belinya yang sesuai skin typemu yang, Vee.. Yang UV Mild milk itu enak banget buat kulit kering, ^_^ *promosi gini*

  7. thanks for sharing cie ^^
    kpn2 beli skin aqua ah ^^

  8. woah thank you for this helpful post ce phanie~
    aku dari kelas 6 SD sampe sekarang kelas 3 SMA selalu jerawatan terus di pipi kanan-kiri & di dagu, padahal dahi ku mulus lho hiks T__T

  9. Ah, aku juga dulu jerawatan satu muka sampe bingung mana kulit yang mulus. Tapi terus lupa perawatannya apa aja ampe pada ilang.. Hahahahah.. :p

  10. Phanie, aku nggak pernah tuh jerawat di pipi, kebanyakan di dagu ke bawah. Tapi kalo Eve posisi muncul jerawatnya persis kayak kamu.^^ Kok posisi jerawat orang bisa beda-beda ya. Hehe...

  11. ;o; I actually got the very same idea of posting how I finally managed to shoo away my acnes!!! #greatmindsthinkalike #youwish,roma

    You racuned me with Skin Aqua kekeke. I actually tried it once but my face got very red when I got exposed to sunlight. FDers said I might be allergic to chemical sunscreen. My skin is just soooo sensitive! I got allergic reaction to SilkyGirl's double intense gel-liner sobbbb ;______; I will post the review hopefully this week before I go out of town hngh

  12. Ka, tolong gambar merk nya dong kak, jujur nama nama perawatan yg kakak pakai asing bagi aku, dan belinya dimana ya ? Makasih...

  13. Ci mau tanya kalo utk yg night cream retinoic acid itu maksudnya kayak vitacid gitu ya??
    kalo iya pasangan vitacid itu bukannya parasol33, gpp pake sunscreen skinaqua ya?

    1. Hi, dheassy!

      Night cream retionic acid ga harus vitacid, selama dia mengandung asam retionat atau retionic acid sama saja. Vitacid dan Retin-A hanya nama dan merk dagang saja, tetapi isinya sama..

      Untuk pasangan Vitacid, saya baru dengar harus berpasangan dengan parasol, hehehe.. Seperti ada biro jodohnya ya? Tidak mesti pakai parasol, karena lagi2, parasol ada nama atau merk dagang dengan isi yang sama seperti Skin Aqua yaitu ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, yaitu sunscreen yang berjenis chemical.

      Secara garis besar, apabila ingin menggunakan asam retionat dalam perawatan wajahnya, maka siang harinya pastikan menggunakan tabir surya yang memiliki spektrum luas untuk mencegah terjadinya penuaan dini dan garis halus pada wajah.

      Semoga menjawab. :)

    2. Pagi Ci, Thx atas jawabannya.

      Ci Mau tnya lagi utk pemakaian retin-A itu kandungannya Tretinoin ya? apa efek awal akan mengalami purging diawal pemakaian soalnya bnyk review yg bilang gitu apa benar Ci atau itu sebenernya gak cocok? Cici sendiri ngalami purging gak? kalau bener akan purging dulu sebaiknya bagaimana ya Ci? utk Retin-A dkk itu katanya gak boleh dipakai berkepanjangan alias lama itu bener gak Ci? Dan Retin-A itu kan ada yg 0.025%, 0.05% % 0.1% utk awal harus pakai yg mana ya? Trus boleh tau gak Cici Pakai yg merk apa & bagaimana penggunaan yg Tepat biar gak purging?

      Thx ya Ci ... Sorry banyak tanya hehehe :))

    3. Untuk menjawab, kamu bisa liat di postku yang ini

      Di situ, aku jabarkan pertanyaan2 yang sering ditanyakan oleh orang2 mengenai asam retinoat. Aku akan coba jawab yang tidak ada di post itu:

      Q: Utk pemakaian retin-A itu kandungannya Tretinoin ya?
      A: Seperti yang sudah aku katakan di comment di atas, Vitacid dan Retin-A mengandung bahan yang sama yaitu asam retinoat (retionic acid). Tretionin adalah nama lain dari asam retinoat.

      Q: Cici sendiri ngalami purging gak?
      A: Tidak

      Q: Cici Pakai yg merk apa?
      A: Vitacid dan Retin-A, tergantung yang ada stock di apotek yang mana karena terkadang si Retin-A suka out of stock di apotek terdekat dari tmpt tinggal ku.

      Untuk pertanyaan yang lain, bisa di lihat di post yang sudah ada di atas link nya. Terima kasih dan semoga menjawab.