Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dinner Date with shu uemura

Hello, lovelies~ Last Tuesday, shu uemura kindly invited me to dinner at Kuningan. There were other beauty bloggers as well because they wanted to let us know about the upcoming product releases in their line. I came late, which was terrible and impolite, so please forgive my tardiness.  

As I snuck in stealthily (nah, I kid), Ms. Regina was in the middle of explaining the collaboration between shu and the ever so famous designer from Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. Legend has it Lagerfeld drew his sketches or designs using shu's eyeshadows for the past twenty years

I'm astonished upon hearing that piece of fact. Drawing designs with eyeshadows? I can safely say that the cat has gotten my tongue. Well, figuratively. ^_^

She also told us that Mr. Lagerfeld created one of his muses to life called Mon Shu girl, which you can see from the video above. Such a quirky yet cute character! The bob haircut immediately caught my eyes because of its adorable look. 

As I listened to the presentation, I noticed a gold eyelash curler from shu. I immediately include this in my wish list for Christmas. My eyelashes can only be curled with shu's eyelash curler to get beautiful curls. That may sound over the top, but that is the truth. So, watch out Gold eyelash curler! You'll be mine in the near future. *cackles*

Moving over on the stars of the show, the all out, glitter eyeshadows. These may scare some of you, it even scared me at first because of the chunky glitters. However, I think it will be special if used on certain ocassions, say a wedding or just plain girls night out. 

Who could forget about shu uemura's famous cleansing oils? They have different varieties for people with different skin types. This time it is called Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil. I gotta say that the name of the product is spot on. The scent is sublime when I sniffed it. It was like being surrounded by flowers that soothe the soul. Well, maybe that description is way over the top, but I promise you it has the nicest scent amongst all the cleansing oils. 

They also have lipsticks from their line, Rouge Unlimited, which is encased in a silver bullet with a transparent cap. Such a minimalist design, I rarely see that anymore. The lipstick glide on smoothly as they claim to be more moisturizing than you average lippies. They have more than twenty shade in this line, so there is bound to be a lipstick for you. 

Right after all the product release updates, shu uemura's makeup artist, Mr. Hendrix, did a makeover on Carnellin. He used the glitter eyeshadows to make her eyes look dazzling. I think he used a combination of pink glitter and cream purple eyeshadow on her eyelids. It is too glittery for my taste, but I guess some people love the bling, yo~! *facepalm*

What I like about his makeup technique is the order of applying the makeup. Right after the base, he went on to apply a lipstick, just to balance the colors on the face. I totally agree on that because sometimes after applying foundation, my face just look dull and colorless that a touch of lipstick gives back color to the face instantly. 

Also, I remembered Mr. Hendrix's tips a couple months ago at the Mamechiyou event, regarding lipstick application first. He said that it will help you match the color of the blush you want to wear, so it compliments each other. Or somewhere along those lines, I'm sorry if I got it wrong, Mr. Hendrix, gomen ne~. ^_^;;

As soon as the makeover is finished, it's time to break the fast for some of us. We continued with dinner at Smokey Joe's and I ate fettucine carbonara. We also had nachos to share with. During dinner, we chatted some more about shu and their upcoming products that will be out in September (hopefully).

Bokeh style~! ^_^
Not soon after we finished our dinner, the product manager showed Endi and I shu's famous false eyelashes that has a bow on top. It was gorgeous. I can imagine being center of attention every time I bat my lashes in public with those babies.

Yesy and I twelve years later 

All in all, it was such a lovely gathering hosted by shu uemura. We get to know each other and I met an old friend from school, Jessica. Thank you so much, shu uemura for the kind invitation and being such a gracious host, sending each of us home with a goody bag. 
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  1. the PR is your friend ce????
    sadly we sat far away so we didn't chat much T_T

    1. Yes, she is. ∩__∩ maybe next time we'll chat more ^^