Review: belif UV Protector Multi Sunscreen SPF 50+/PA+++

  • Monday, July 16, 2012
  • By Stephanie Nangoi

Hello, lovelies~ I bought this sunscreen a few weeks ago when I went for dinner with my bestie. I wanted to try out the BB cream, but they haven't stocked it yet. After making sure that the ingredients are a-okay, I bought it. 

The product is placed inside a separate grey box with all the necessary information printed on the box. The sunscreen itself is packaged in a white squeeze tube with a black twist off cap. There are 30 ml of product in the squeeze tube.

The type of sunscreen used in this product is a physical  and chemical sunscreen, namely Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide for the physical sunscreen, whereas the chemical suncreen is the Phenylbenzimidazole Sulfonic Acid. This suncreen has dimethicones and humectants (Butylene Glycol), along with a few plant extracts that promises to soothe your face whilst using it. I don't pay much attention to the plant extracts because I think they're bull to begin with. I bought it solely for its physical sunscreen duo.

This product has a herbal scent that finishes off with an earthy aroma. It's not the best of aromas, but I'll manage. It has a pale cream color, but it doesn't make my face all white and ghost-like. Blending the product can be a bit of a challenge given the slightly thick texture.

On my combination skin type, it kinda exaggerated the flaky skin around the edges of my mouth, but that's probably because I rubbed it too hard. Lately, I have been applying the sunscreen by patting it on my face, right after I've warmed the product in my hands. Despite the dimethicone content, this sunscreen is nowhere near silky when it comes to finishes. In other words, the sunscreen has a slightly sticky finish, but it didn't feel greasy. Does that make sense? Oh, well.

Would I say I love the sunscreen? No. Would I say I hate the sunscreen? Again, no. It's kinda in between love-hate, but hate is such a strong word. Gosh, I like the high SPF in this product, but I dislike (not hate) the sticky finish and the herbal-earthy scent. Priced at Rp 199,000 for a sunscreen, it is fairly priced. Thanks, Javier, for letting me know the sulfonic acid ingredient! ^_^

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  1. wuah, kayanya bagus deh ni sunscreen nya buat kalo lagi ke pantai,, biar enggak gosong!!,, tapi harganya kok mahal amat yah!! hiks...

    nice review!!

    1. Hi, Santi. Kebanyakan physical sunscreen emang mahal, mungkin karena cara kerjanya yg reflects UVA & UVB. ^_^

  2. its not only physical, look, it has phenylbenzominazode sulfonic acid!

  3. Ah, great catch! I missed it, thanks a bunch! <(ˍ ˍ*)>

  4. Wah sunscreen mahal ya :(
    Apa bedanya yang physical sama chemical ci? ☺ Hë•⌣•hë•⌣•Hë ☺

    1. Physical itu kerja memantulkan cahaya matahri, jd ga terserap oleh tubuh. Kalo chemical itu sinar uva & uvb diserap oleh tubuh dan nanti kandungan yg ada di sknar mataharinya di-deactivatr, krg lbh sprt itu. Semoga menjelaskan. •﹏•

  5. Thanks for your review!! I am a sunscreen junkie!!:)